Hydro Bat Adapter

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This adapter is for Hydrobats sixes: 6", 8.5" and 10" as well as the Hydrobat Hump molds sizes 8", 9", 11.5".

The adapter is made of sturdy ABS plastic with holes drilled to fit on a standard wheel heads with bat pins spaced 10" apart. Two bat pins are set in the top of the adapter spaced 6" apart, allowing 8.5" and 10" Hydrobats to fit snuggly onto the adapter. Smaller Hydrobats like the 8.5" and 10" are great for production potters making multiples of small cups and bowls.

Now also comes pre-drilled for the 6" mini bats, simply transfer the pins into those holes when needed.
Pin holes are threaded and they can be easily unscrewed using a 3/16" hex drive, also known as an allen wrench.

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