The best selling kilns in America, Stone Leaf Pottery is thrilled to be able to bring these kilns to you. Because Skutt makes so many kilns, we’ve decided to feature our best selling models on this page. If you have another kiln in mind; please let us know and we’d be happy to quote it for you.

All kilns shown here are Skutt’s KM/electronic models. Most Skutt kilns are also available in KS/manual versions for approximately $200 less per kiln. Please inquire for specific prices if you are looking for a kiln with a manual timer.

In addition to Skutt Kilns, Stone Leaf Pottery is an authorized distributor of Skutt kiln parts. In store, we typically keep elements, thermocouples, firing gauges, peep hole plugs and other basic parts. We are happy to order any Skutt part for you!

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