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We know this one’s a store favorite! Speckled Buff is used widely across the throwing and sculpting spectrum. A consistent, stable clay, Speckled Buff tends to give good results across the board. Speckled buff is smooth-textured but has an extra bit of “umph” to it. It has a low sand and grog content. A mature cone 5 firing will reveal fine black speckles generally visible through glaze and clearly presented on unglazed surfaces. Try green or blue glazes with this one, they tend to look beautiful against its Southwest tan coloring! Grab a bag today! Check out this picture of Speckled Buff on Laguna's Facebook page 

Laguna Clay Company WC403

Clay body specifically formulated by request from Midwest and Eastern U.S. potters. Low in sand and grog content, speckled buff is smooth textured. An excellent throwing body. The color palette is perhaps best described as 'desert' or 'Southwest'. Fired in oxidation, Speckled Buff falls into the tan/brown color range. 

Cone: 5
Wet Color:  Red Brown
Firing Color: Oxidation: Buff w/ Specks - Reduction: Brown w/ Specks
Texture: Slightly Coarse
Penetrometer Target: 6.75
Avg. Shrinkage 2±%: 12%
Avg. Water Absorption 1±%: 3%
COE x 10-6: 6.12

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Order Minimum:
25 pounds
Order Maximum:
100 pounds