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25 units
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100 units


Sophia’s favorite clay, Los Altos, is a cone 10 that fires to a rich orange-brown. Slightly rough in texture, it’s a beloved go-to for those who enjoy both hand-building and throwing with an extra bit of umph. While our customers who enjoy more buttery clays may shy away from the medium-coarse description, Lot Altos’s 60 mesh sand allows for great structural ability without worry of sharp grit against your hands. Those who throw with Los Altos tend to love both the process and the final product, as well as how vibrant white, green and blue glazes react against the body. In standard and reduction firings, small specks of orange appear on the clay, giving it an altogether warm look.

Los Altos is a cone 10 favorite of Stone Leaf’s, and we’re over the moon to offer it to our customers. Grab a bag today!

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Order Minimum:
25 pounds
Order Maximum:
100 pounds