November Newsletter

November Newsletter

Published by Sophia King on Nov 7th 2023

Warm greetings, fellow autumnal artists! Where did our beloved Halloween go? She flew off to orangey-r pastures, as fall finds colder temperatures and our favorite season during these fall-to-winter months fully settles in: sweater weather season. Grab your portable space heaters and your flannel jackets! Heat up that water, organize your art nights! We made it to the cold months! Woooooooo!

Which is why, dear customers, please check our social media (Instagram, Facebook) for any late openings or snow days announcements. On snowy mornings with a regular opening, we may be out clearing snow and might not be able to answer the phone. Don’t fret, we’ll return your calls in a timely manner!

Also, please be aware that during the freezing months, we cannot accept returns on clay or liquid chemical products such as glaze or wax resist.

It’s a busy month for events around these parts! Get ready, 'cause you have plenty of options for delightful distractions while the cold sets in.

Following the Colorado Art Education Association’s Fall Conference, we’re offering a coveted Mayco Cone 5 Glaze Class on November 6th, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm OR 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm! Mayco is back this year with another fun workshop, featuring three different glazing techniques. For this two hour class, participants must provide their own bisqueware for a white clay body that fires to at least cone 5. Bring your favorite glazing brushes and tools! The cost is $30 with a coupon to Stone Leaf.

John Hamilton is also offering a workshop this month at his studio! Happening November 18th and 19th, from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, join John in exploring the process of combining the world of slip casting and thrown functional pottery. Discuss the slip casting process and John will demonstrate pouring and attaching slip cast parts to thrown vessels! For more information, reach out via his website

The Arapahoe Ceramics Guild, located in Littleton Colorado, has an annual holiday sale coming up on November 30 - December 1! Join them for their Holiday Pottery and Jewelry Sale, and scoop up your holiday gifts made by artists you know and love! For more information, check out their website and their Instagram page.

EM-066 Low-Fire B-Mix by Laguna - $15.50 per bag

Laguna’s new low-fire B-Mix, $15.50 per bag up to 100lbs We’re over the moon that we can finally offer Laguna’s brand-spankin’-new low-fire clay on special! EM 066 is an all-purpose, smooth low-fire clay. It’s excellent for both throwing and hand-building techniques. It is very white when fired (read: VERY white) and has excellent glaze fit. As our low-fire lovers out there know, Stone Leaf primarily offers mid-fire clays, but we’re officially adding a third white low-fire to our inventory. That’s right, now folks will have more than two choices of low-fire white clay bodies! Hooray! Curious about the new clay? Check out Laguna’s page on it!

Groovy Tools - 15% off for up to 3 tools

To celebrate Groovy Tools’ design revamp and show off their fancy new handles, we thought we’d go ahead and make it our Tool of the Month! That’s right, we’re offering all Groovy Tools for 15% off, with the opportunity to buy up to 3 tools! Groovy Tools are known for their premium quality pottery trimming tools, featuring a true tool steel loop that is hardened and tempered to create a super steel blade. They’re fabulous and make for an exceptionally smooth trim. A lovely staple to any pottery studio, pick up some today!

Electric Kiln Workshop Dates!

Saturday, November 11 and Wednesday, December 6 8 am to 1 pm 

Cost is $75 

Join us at 8:00 am - 1:00 pm for a great EKW walkthrough. Bought a kiln from us lately? This workshop is for you—one kiln purchase = one seat in this class. This class is perfect for those new to owning a kiln or about to purchase one. More information is under the workshop tab on our website! Both of these workshops will be taught by Ingrid & Bob King, Stone Leaf owners.

Buy SIX or more pints of ANY brand and get one of equal or lesser value!

Holy cannoli, this special knocks my socks off (no kidding—if you’ve chatted with me at Stone Leaf, you know I’m obsessed with glazes). Customers better take advantage of this special because if I wasn’t a staff member, I’d be going nuts. Love your glazes, want a trillion more? Then this special is perfect for you! Treat yourself or prepare for the holidays! Get you and your potter friends the six or more glazes you’ve been thirsting for, and get ONE FREE pint with it! (Equal or lesser value pint will be free.) If you’re not sure what glazes to purchase, feel free to chat with a staff member at the front counter. We would be happy to guide you to a glaze purchase that works best for you! Want to go down a wormhole of glaze combinations? Just check out Pinterest!

Ingrid and Sophia have long since been fans of Nick Halsey and is burnished pieces. Nick is from Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota - Ingrid and Sophia (and Bob) are also from ND. He is a member of the Lakota tribe. He’s been shopping with us for many years, typically during the Colorado Indian Market. To say his work is incomparable is putting it mildly. His work is burnished and polished so beautifully it looks like marble. Nick follows tribal southwest Native American techniques, and was kind enough to share his work. It’s always a treat when he stops by. Thanks to Jessica Ringel for the photo.

Year End Closures 

Short days for Thanksgiving, Closed at Year End 

Thanksgiving Holiday 

Tuesday & Wednesday 11/21 & 11/22 open 9:00 am - noon 

Thursday, & Friday 11/23 & 24 closed 

Saturday 11/25 open 10:00 am - 2:00 pm 

Year End 

Saturday 12/23 9:00 am - 4:00 pm 

Closed for Holidays and inventory 12/24 - 1/1/24 

Reopen Tuesday 1/2/24, regular hours

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All Clay of the Month purchases are limited to 100# of clay. The sale price is valid only in November 2023 and not combinable with other discounts. It's not uncommon for us to run out of the clay (s) of the Month, so we always suggest you shop early in the Month to ensure the clay is in stock. Also, when purchasing Glaze or Tool(s), or Equipment of the Month, again, it's limited to products on hand. So, if we don't have it when you shop, come shop with us again soon! We replenish our shelves constantly—we'll hopefully have more soon! Got more questions about how this works? Please, please reach out to us!