• December News

    Dec 2nd 2022

    December News

    Warm greetings, my fellow potters and artistes! As always, no matter your traditions or how you spent it, our Stone Leaf family hopes you had a lovely Thanksgiving and the holidays continue to be brig…

  • November Specials

    Nov 1st 2022

    November Specials

    Get ready, folks! The famed sweater weather is finally here. We're talking about warm and fuzzy weather, early nights, and bright light weather. We're talking about the "I need to squeeze as many s…

    Published by Elise

  • October specials

    Oct 1st 2022

    October specials

    Happy October, fellow throwing fiends and sculptors!  'Tis the season to make ceramic pumpkins and other spooky goods, as well as eat a silly amount of sweets. Be sure to check in with your dent…

    Published by Elise

  • September Specials

    Sep 1st 2022

    September Specials

    September NewsletterWe’ve made it to September! As the summer comes to a close, mornings and evenings grow cooler and the rise of sweater weather draws ever closer.In the meantime, we have some very e…

    Published by Elise

  • August Specials

    Aug 1st 2022

    August Specials

    Happy August, fellow potters and ceramicists! We hope you’ve enjoyed this summer so far, with confidence that August is no exception.  August is kicking off with some lovely cloudy days, per…

    Published by Elise