• September Newsletter

    Sep 9th 2023

    September Newsletter

    A note to our lots-of-clay purchasers, from schools to independent artists: if you're picking up large clay orders, anything more than 500 pounds, please let us know ahead of time! The ideal time fram…

    Published by Elise

  • We're HIRING! Join our team!

    Aug 9th 2023

    We're HIRING! Join our team!

    STONE LEAF POTTERY JOB OPENINGSWe’re Hiring! Come Join Us! Stone Leaf is hiring - We have amazing openings in several positions at Stone Leaf - it’s so awesome to expand to better serve our clay…

    Published by Sophia King

  • August Newsletter

    Aug 9th 2023

    August Newsletter

    Happy August, creative comrades! We hope you’re enjoying the summer as much as we are and continue your production throughout the month! As the school season rears its head, our art teachers hit the g…

    Published by Elise

  • July Newsletter

    Jul 19th 2023

    July Newsletter

    It’s July, my fellow artistes! We made it, woo-hooo! We’re finally in the midst of sunny days and late nights, the joys of summer fun and the complexity of keeping your studio cool when it’s ninety de…


    Jun 4th 2023


    Come join our team! We are looking for a new  Warehouse Manager!!Our warehouse manager is responsible for processing all ingoing and outgoing inventory in our warehouse, and will have one wa…

    Published by Sophia King

  • June Newsletter

    Jun 1st 2023

    June Newsletter

    Happy June, June bugs! While this rainy weather’s been refreshing, we’re itching for park days and summer activities. There are plenty of things to look forward to this month, Pride being a big one. W…

    Published by Elise

  • May Newsletter

    May 1st 2023

    May Newsletter

    Howdy, fellow fine-art folks! April showers bring May flowers, and this winter’s certainly gone on long enough. We know you’re as ready for sunshine as we are. The grass is greener, gardens are…

    Published by Elise

  • April Newsletter

    Apr 13th 2023

    April Newsletter

    Happy April, fellow craftspeople and claysmiths! The sun is peeking through the clouds, and we’re abuzz over at Stone Leaf as we welcome new staff members and await warmer mornings. We hope everyon…

    Published by Elise

  • March Newsletter

    Mar 4th 2023

    March Newsletter

    Howdy, fellow ceramicists and craftspeople! As we approach the excitement of springtime, we look forward to seeing all of your lovely faces in our store this month.If you’re interested in participatin…

    Published by Elise

  • February Newsletter

    Feb 3rd 2023

    February Newsletter

    February 2023 NewsletterWarm greetings, my fellow artisans and potters! We hope everyone’s staying safe as we wait for the sun to melt some of this ice and snow. Winter days are lovely for cozying up…

    Published by Elise

  • January Newsletter

    Jan 10th 2023

    January Newsletter

    Happy New Year to all of our throwing homies and potter peeps! Let’s make 2023 a year full of making and creating to the best of our abilities, and reaching new heights as we do. Stone Leaf believes i…

    Published by Elise

  • December News

    Dec 2nd 2022

    December News

    Warm greetings, my fellow potters and artistes! As always, no matter your traditions or how you spent it, our Stone Leaf family hopes you had a lovely Thanksgiving and the holidays continue to be brig…