• June '24 Newsletter

    Jun 2nd 2024

    June '24 Newsletter

    YOU’RE INVITED! We’re incredibly excited for our Open House on June 22 from 9 am to 4 pm! Stone Leaf Pottery turns 25 this year and we’ll be celeb…

    Published by Elise

  • April '24 Newsletter

    May 9th 2024

    April '24 Newsletter

    Happy April, fellow craftspeople and claysmiths! Say it with us, spring is here! Snow’s melting, birds are singing and so are we at Stone Leaf Pottery. Our team is energized and ready to hel…

    Published by Elise

  • May '24 Newsletter

    May 9th 2024

    May '24 Newsletter

    Happy May, ceramic savants! We’ve made it through the last bit of winter and are finally approaching warmer temperatures. If your studio relies on the good graces of the seasons, give a little ch…

    Published by Elise

  • March '24 Newsletter

    Mar 2nd 2024

    March '24 Newsletter

    Happy March, clay maestros and virtuosos! We’ve had a decent amount of snow this year, but the days are getting longer, the nights shorter, and we’ve started to look forward to springtime. We h…

    Published by Elise

  • February '24 Newsletter

    Jan 31st 2024

    February '24 Newsletter

    Happy February, my fellow art lovers and ceramic connoisseurs! It’s the month of love, and to keep warm during these chilly times, we love to flex our creative spirit. We’re out of the darkest nig…

    Published by Elise

  • January '24 Newsletter

    Jan 4th 2024

    January '24 Newsletter

    Happy New Year to our beloved pottery community! We’re stoked to start this year off right with restocked shelves and a fabulous team. Our New Year’s resolution is to make better and bolder thin…

    Published by Elise

  • December Newsletter

    Dec 5th 2023

    December Newsletter

    Happy holidays to our hardworking pottery community! As the snow starts falling (sort of) we're bundling up in our studios, attempting to get every last thing done before the year ends. We know y…

    Published by Elise

  • November Newsletter

    Nov 7th 2023

    November Newsletter

    Warm greetings, fellow autumnal artists! Where did our beloved Halloween go? She flew off to orangey-r pastures, as fall finds colder temperatures and our favorite season during these fall-to-wi…

    Published by Sophia King

  • October Newsletter

    Oct 5th 2023

    October Newsletter

    Happy October, my batty bat-throwers and haunted hand-builders! Hot girl summer is over and we’ve officially embraced hot ghoul fall. Halloween is Stone Leaf Pottery’s (almost unanimo…

    Published by Elise

  • September Newsletter

    Sep 9th 2023

    September Newsletter

    A note to our lots-of-clay purchasers, from schools to independent artists: if you're picking up large clay orders, anything more than 500 pounds, please let us know ahead of time! The ideal time fram…

    Published by Elise

  • August Newsletter

    Aug 9th 2023

    August Newsletter

    Happy August, creative comrades! We hope you’re enjoying the summer as much as we are and continue your production throughout the month! As the school season rears its head, our art teachers hit the g…

    Published by Elise

  • We're HIRING! Join our team!

    Aug 8th 2023

    We're HIRING! Join our team!

    STONE LEAF POTTERY JOB OPENINGS We’re Hiring! Come Join Us! Stone Leaf is hiring - We have amazing openings in several positions at Stone Leaf - it’s so awesome to expand to better serve our…

    Published by Sophia King