Kiln Workshop - Nov 11, 2023

Stone Leaf Pottery

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Electric Kiln Workshop
Saturday, November 11 2023
8 am to 1 pm 

You are invited to attend one of Stone Leaf Pottery’s Electric Kiln Workshops.

This kiln workshop is primarily tailored to new-ish customers owning an electric kiln. Still, all levels of firing experience are welcome.

Pre-registration is required to attend.

Spots for this workshop are limited and non-refundable - you may give your seat away if a scheduling conflict occurs.
If you have purchased a kiln from Stone Leaf in the last 2 years, this workshop is free to you. One kiln = one workshop seat. Otherwise, cost for this class is $75.

During this class, a variety of topics for firing electric kilns will be covered, including:

  • Multiple "what if" scenarios and "how do I" questions for basic firing techniques.
  • Problem-solving for the "oh no!!" moments that can happen, with how to solve those issues, as well as great online resources for kiln how-tos.
  • Setting up your kiln, firing schedules, using vents and cone packs, and we’ll answer your questions as we go along.
  • Got questions? Bring them with you!

An outline of the class will be provided to all participants - you are welcome to take notes!
This workshop will be taught by Ingrid and Bob King, two of Stone Leaf Pottery’s three owners.

COVID Precautions:

All Stone Leaf Staff are fully vaccinated. If you need special seating accommodations please email BEFORE signing up for class. Our instructors will be unmasked; masking is up to each individual participant.

This class is being taught on a SUNDAY, and the retail store at Stone Leaf will be closed. Therefore, there will be no store or shopping access during, before, or after class. If you need supplies, you may arrange for a pickup on the day of the class. On the day of the Electric Kiln Workshop, your prepaid order will be stacked & ready to be loaded into your vehicle.

This class will run for 4 hours without breaks.
Please bring snacks & beverages as needed.

Please come to class scent-free - no perfumes, cologne, or essential oils.

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