June 2022 Product Specials & Newsletter

June 2022 Product Specials & Newsletter

Published by Sophia King on Jun 1st 2022

It’s June! Let’s go on vacations and hikes and bike rides and do all the Colorado things! I, for one, am looking forward to the trip to Strawberry Springs I just planned and Red Rock tickets I just grabbed. Summertime and moments with friends will make June - July - August the best time!

Clay of the Month:

Raku K

Regularly $21.65 per bag, on sale this month for $16.50 per bag

This clay body is a pleasure to work with and has been a favorite of many local, long time potters. This slightly grogged, white body has added kyanite to help combat thermal shock during the raku process. Your pieces will have a higher success rate. Not only is this a great raku clay, you can actually fire this up to ^5 for functional stoneware work. We love this body and you will, too! Great for handbuilding and throwing alike.

Glaze of the Month:

Underglaze pencils from Amaco and Chrysanthos

20% off

regularly $11.75 or $16.80, this month $9.40 or $13.45

Have you ever wished you could just draw on your pottery and have it fire on? Well you can! Underglaze pencils are a great thing to have in your studio, whether you use them for labeling test tiles or for decorative work, this versatile product is handy and multipurpose. We’ve always had Amaco pencils on hand but recently we found Chrysanthos, another fantastic manufacturer, with a completely different palette available, so we figured the more the merrier. I’m loving these vibrant tones which stay true to mid fire temperatures. Try to experiment with pencils and water to give a watercolor effect.

Tool of the Month:

Giffin Grip Mini and Classic Models

15% off on all instock Giffin Grips

Regularly $199 or $249, this month $169 or $211.75

We are thrilled that the folks over at Giffin Grip engineered a brand new product called the Giffin Grip Mini. This piece of equipment is going to revolutionize your clay practice. Unlike the classic version, the Mini sits directly onto your bat pins. It will fit onto most any wheel without any type of installation. It’s as simple as putting a bat onto your wheel and you’re ready to trim! We also will have the classic model on sale because it’s a classic for a reason and if you make bigger pieces, this is the setup for you. If you’ve been going back and forth about whether or not you need one of these, I can tell you that you probably do, and now’s the best time to get one!

Couple of Announcements:

Our next Electric Kiln Workshops are June 5 and July 24. For more information, you can read about it here. To register, call the front desk at 303.463.8081.

We will be closing at 4 pm next Thursday, June 9 so we call all attend Britt’s wedding.

And, on Saturday, July 2 we’ll be open from 10-2 for slightly shorter hours on the holiday weekend!

Have a great June!

Sophia and the Stone Leaf Crew