April Newsletter

April Newsletter

Published by Elise on Apr 13th 2023

Happy April, fellow craftspeople and claysmiths! The sun is peeking through the clouds, and we’re abuzz over at Stone Leaf as we welcome new staff members and await warmer mornings. We hope everyone’s looking forward to markets and upcoming events!

As we cool down from NCECA, we’re excited to help you stock up on supplies and materials. If you have any questions about our inventory or other ceramic-related inquiries, feel free to ask our staff at the front desk, or shoot us an email at  info@stoneleafpottery.com.

You may be familiar with our store’s gallery! We’re still on the lookout for artists’ pieces to carry amongst our featured inventory. If you think your items may be a good fit for Stone Leaf, please contact Kate at kate@stoneleafpottery.com.

Curious about local farmers markets and crafts fairs to participate in? Check out this great search resource that can help connect you to local opportunities!


We’re hosting an exciting workshop this month, the  Laguna Cone 5 Glaze Sampler! The Sampler will be held on the last Saturday of April, the 29th from 10 to 1. Bring your own brushes and a few bisque-fired pieces to use as test pots. Firing not included. The cost is $30 and the class comes with a coupon for $15 off Laguna glaze at Stone Leaf Pottery. Try Laguna cone 5 glazes before buying them and learn some tips for success using Laguna cone 5 glazes! There will be 24 pints of Laguna glazes to try during this event.


A note to our customers concerning our firing services: starting May 1st Stone Leaf Pottery can no longer accommodate high volume firing services customers, and will be limiting our drop-offs to 20 pieces per customer. All orders must be fired and picked up before the next order is dropped off.

Ingrid, founder of Stone Leaf, said on the matter: “When I began offering firing services, my intent was to make firing available for hobby potters who needed a few items fired. As time has gone by we have had some customers turning in such high volumes it has become problematic to keep up. This has led to the decision to not fire more than 20 pieces at a time per customer.”

Onto our specials! Our Stone Leaf staff member this month is Gita, manager and mug connoisseur.


Big Turtle by KY Mudworks, $17.50 per bag up to 100#

Gita’s recent favorite clay Big Turtle is a mid-fire multipurpose dream. Those who are Kentucky Mudworks fans know the brand’s typical body is plastic, easy to work with and downright silky. Big Turtle is a shining star in the constellation, boasting of a pliable texture with toothy plasticity due to the addition of fine sand. Throwers will enjoy the texture paired with a ductile body; hand-builders will appreciate its structure and malleability. It gives a beautiful warmth to mid-fire glazes and a reduction look in oxidation. Firing at a reddish brown, Big Turtle has especially gorgeous results from wood and soda firings. We’re stoked to offer it as a special. At almost a 25% markdown, grab a bag today!

Here are some examples of Big Turtle from the KY Mudworks’s Clay & Glaze Group!


Mudshark by Mudtools, $8 instead of $10

Get ready for the Swiss Army knife of pottery tools. Gita’s favorite tool, the Mudshark, comes with a utility spread you never knew you needed. The Mudshark combines the two tools most commonly used when throwing pots: a needle tool to trim the rim at the top and a fettling knife to cut away the waste at the base. Like a real shark, the Mudshark needle is sharp and will bite, so Mudtools designed it to fold away when you don’t need it! Because the tool’s made of rigid plastic, that potter’s knife will maintain its edge for an impressive amount of time, so long as you’re not using it on bone-dry pieces. Coming in a number of bright colors, it’ll become a go-to for your tool bucket from the get-go. Don’t miss out on this special!

This  YouTube video explains a bit more about how the Mudshark can become your favorite tool!


Satin White Liner by Coyote, $8 instead of $10.10

Gita’s selected the delicious Satin White Liner by Coyote as our Glaze of the Month! This glaze is a mid-fire staple for any piece. Need a glaze you can trust for the insides of your dishware? Coyote’s Satin White Liner is ideal for your needs! It stands the test of time against forks, knives, dishwasher-use, and even tomato stains, specially designed to resist crazing, staining, and mothers-in-law who want to see if your homemade plates will survive her pork-chop bolognese. In Gita’s own words, “I love this glaze for its fantastic use of majolica and it plays well with many different types of clay. As part of the Enduro-Color line, this glaze is meant to hold up to functional use.” This glaze is an underdog staple and more than deserves a place in the spotlight. If you use it and enjoy the results, send us a photo to  info@stoneleafpottery.com!

Want to see Satin White Liner in action? I found Camille Hoffman on Instagram who uses it regularly! Additionally, if you’re familiar with our gallery, check out Gita’s use of Satin White on her lovely pieces.

That’s all for now, folks! Happy potting and we look forward to seeing you around the store!

Elise and the Stone Leaf Pottery Crew

All Clay of the Month purchases are limited to 100# of clay. The sale price is valid only in April 2023 and not combinable with other discounts.

It's not uncommon for us to run out of the clay (s) of the Month, so we always suggest you shop early in the Month to ensure the clay is in stock. Also, when purchasing Glaze or Tool(s), or Equipment of the Month, again, it's limited to products on hand. So, if we don't have it when you shop, come shop with us again soon! We replenish our shelves constantly—we'll hopefully have more soon! Got more questions about how this works? Please, please reach out to us!