Snow Days Happen

Snow Days Happen

Nov 1st 2021

As we are coming into the snow season, and my news feeds are full of articles forecasting a cold winter, I thought it would be prudent to remind y'all about our winter Snow Day Policy.

If we've had a dumping of snow or roads are icy, and conditions are poor, please check our phone message, Facebook or Instagram for information on closures and late openings/early closing.

As much as we possibly can, we'll post late opening or full-day closure by 7 am.

Early closures will be announced as soon as it becomes apparent we need to do so.

While we don’t don’t want to close for snow days, the safety of our employees driving in adverse conditions comes first.

If you have a clay delivery scheduled on a day that weather/road conditions prohibit delivery we will reschedule as soon as we can. We will also need snow/ice cleared prior to our arrival on walkways and where we park.

Photo by janeb13/pixabay