June Mid Month News

June Mid Month News

Published by Sophia on Jun 17th 2022

Happy Summertime, Potter People!

I hope your firings have been amazing this summer and your outdoor sales have had cool weather.

Here’s a few things that are going on:

Raw Material Prices have gone up. Some, painfully. We are currently sourcing new suppliers for these products and hope to be able to lower those prices as quickly as we can.

4th of July is in just a few weekends! We’ll be open from 10 to 2 on Saturday, July 2.

Due to the insane cost of gas and other transportation related expenses, our delivery fees will be increasing soon. We encourage you to double up clay orders with friends to save on this fee.

Next: Somebody at Laguna forgot an 0! There are a few pallets of Laguna’s EM 342, Whiteware, that is stamped as a Cone 6 clay. NO NO NO! Don’t do that. Whiteware from Laguna has always been a LOWFIRE Cone 06 clay. We are doing our best to correct the stamp but it’s not always possible. *Please* double check yourself.

We are hiring! We are looking for a full time warehouse employee. Pottery experience is not required - all candidates must have a clean driving record, clean background check, and the understanding that this is a warehouse position with a lot of lifting of heavy clay boxes. Please ask about the pottery perks that come with the job! For more information, and a full description of this job opportunity, please email Stone Leaf’s Warehouse Manager, Ripley, at [email protected]

June Product Specials:
Raku K $16.50 per bag
Underglaze Pencils from Amaco or Chrysanthos $9.40 or $13.45 per pencil
15% off instock Giffin Grips - full size or mini version

More info, including product descriptions, images, and purchase limitations can be found on our website.

And lastly… Stone Leaf’s very popular Electric Kiln Workshop is scheduled for July 24, from 9 to 1.