April 2022 Product Specials & Newsletter

April 2022 Product Specials & Newsletter

Published by Sophia on Apr 1st 2022

Maybe it's Spring. I'm giving this a tentative Yay!
I don't trust it... I keep waiting for one more wet branch-breaking snow. But, it does look like the flowers are starting to come up in my front yard, and hopefully, we'll be putting flowers into our kiln planters soon!

Clay of the Month!
We're bringing back a fantastic clay to Clay of the Month this month. It's Laguna's WC-413, Tile & Sculpture. It's been quite a long time since we've had it & we're excited to have it back in stock. This remarkable clay is a Cone 10 body that offers strength and versatility to every piece. This body is formulated as a Cone 10 clay but is magnificent at lower temperatures. We love Tile & Sculpture because it has properties that many other clays don't have when you need extra strength and stability for slab and sculptural work.

$17.25 per bag up to 100#
The regular price for 25# is $26.50

Glaze of the Month: On Pause
In April & perhaps for a few months moving forward, we will be pausing our Glaze of the Month Specials. Supply chains continue to be at times challenging and always mysterious. As such, we will offer other bonuses and incentive sales.

This month, please come by some Red Art (dry) Clay! We're offering a 10% discount to you for any Red Art clay purchase this month. As a bonus, we'll be happy to give you about ¼ cup of free Colorado wildflower seeds.

Red Art, plus seeds and a bit of compost, make perfect Seed Bombs. Never made seed bombs before? Mix the ingredients and distribute them into the world when dry. Okay, yes, it's slightly more work than that - we have a flier at the front desk for you, and I grabbed a few pins on our  Seed Bomb Board on our Pinterest Page.

Me personally? I like to take some seed bombs when walking my dog and toss them into those ugly little field areas I pass by... prettying up the world, one flower bomb at a time. Seed bombing is a beautiful way to help sustain local wildlife and create food for our little friends like honey bees and butterflies. Wildflower seeds are available while supplies last.

Tool of the Month: GR Pottery Forms
GR Pottery Forms are some of the best tools on the market, in my opinion. The ability to make items the same shape (or form), if you will - is invaluable. GR Pottery forms offer the perfect assistant for making plates, platers, bowls, and so many other items in your studio!

Check out their great  Instagram page for endless ideas!
20% off in April

Kiln Workshop
Electric Kiln Workshop upcoming dates are:

April 10, June 5, and July 24

Free if you've purchased a kiln from us in the last two years. Otherwise, the cost is $75. Email us at  info@stoneleafpottery.com to register.

Free SlabMat
We've been cutting  SlabMat like maniacs, resulting in SlabMat pieces to share with you. When you check out, just ask at the front desk; we've got many desirable 10x22 and 10x30 sizes.

SlabMat cuts are significant for lining shelves, art canvas, and of course, rolling slabs!

Free PalletsOn the south end of Stone Leaf's parking frequently freebie pallets! Help yourself - at your own risk to body and vehicle. Typically staff parks in front of these pallets, so end-of-day or lunchtime pallet pick up may allow for better access.