Skutt 714


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You save $520.400
You save $520.400
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Powerful versatility, a real doll.

Porcelain doll makers love the KM-714 because it can handle the components of most dolls in one load, and because it gives them better firing control. For studios firing one or more of our larger KM-series kilns, the KM-714 makes the ideal test kiln, because they can replicate firing programs precisely, regardless of the size of the kiln. The KM-714 electric kiln operates universally on 208V or 240V current.

  • 2 Year limited warranty, elements excluded
  • 2.5" brick standard
  • Encapsulated Type K thermocouple
  • Crimp on connectors on feeder wires
  • Larger, swing away air cooled switch box
  • Multi-sided design
  • Stainless steel jacket
  • Sectionalized construction
  • Two lift handles on each section
  • Sealed, dust free lid with full-floating hinge
  • Reversible top and bottom slabs
  • Stand included
  • Peep plugs included
  • UL Listing

Please note, 8, 7, 6 and 4 sided kilns do not include a lid lifter system. The lid is not heavy enough to require the extra expense.

Electrical Specifications - Skutt 714
Phase Voltage Amps Max. Cone Cu. Ft. Opening Depth Shipping Weight Copper Wire Size Breaker Size NEMA Receptacle
1 240/208* 20 8 1.4 14.38" 13.5" 95 10 30 14-30

* Please note, this kiln requires a neutral wire to be used with installation

You are invited to attend one of Stone Leaf Pottery’s Electric Kiln Workshops.
This kiln workshop is primarily tailored to new-ish customers owning an electric kiln. Still, all levels of firing experience are welcome.
Pre-registration is required to attend.
Spots for this workshop are limited and non-refundable - you may give your seat away if a scheduling conflict occurs.
If you have purchased a kiln from Stone Leaf in the last 2 years, this workshop is free to you. One kiln = one workshop seat. Otherwise, cost for this class is $75.

Extra Information

Chamber Depth:
Opening Width:
Opening Length:
Cu. Ft.:
Firebrick thickness:
2-1/2 inches