We love our staff at Stone Leaf! We are proud to say all of our employees love to work in clay. Each person on our staff – in the store, teaching, or volunteering – offers a unique ceramic background. This experience brings more education to each and every pottery clay, glaze, tool, toy and kiln firing we offer in our Denver area store.

Sophia King

As a child, Sophia would walk down the basement steps to the pottery studio and hang out with her Mom while she trimmed pots. A self professed clay-brat, Sophia first started to throw in middle school and remembers helping to fire kilns from an very early age. Still working in clay when she has time, Sophia enjoys handbuilding functional pieces and has recently started to explore clay jewelry. She’s very happy to report her basement is turning into a home studio! Sophia is the co-owner and General Manager of Stone Leaf Pottery. She is also responsible creating and maintaining the website, writing and sending the monthly newsletter, and generating most of our social media content.

Kylle Been

Kylle Been remembers her first clay piece. In the Colorado preschool she attended, children made knee pots. Just a small pinch pot using their knees for molds. Kylle says she can feel it in her bones on the days she can’t get her hands into clay. She has a passion for functional work with throwing her preferred style of making pots. “It gives me great joy to teach people how to create colorful pottery they can use everyday. I find myself daydreaming about working at the wheel. I love to image what the pots I have made will look like after they come of the kiln. It’s always a surprise, and I’m still excited every time.” Kylle has been with Stone Leaf pottery for over 11 years!

April Noble

April is currently completing her MFA in ceramics at Fort Hays State University in Hays, KS as a low residency student. Her ceramic work is primarily focused on mold making and slip casting, though she has lots of experience with throwing and handbuilding. In addition to being a Stone Leaf employee and student, April has two teenage children. She is a former member of the Colorado Potters Guild and Spark Gallery in the Santa Fe arts district as well as having taught in various clay programs in the metro area.


Bios of Ripley & Amber coming soon!