Kiln Workshop - 03-23-2024

Stone Leaf Pottery

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Electric Kiln Workshop
Saturday, March 23, 2024
8 am to 1 pm 

You are invited to attend one of Stone Leaf Pottery’s Electric Kiln Workshops.

This kiln workshop is primarily tailored to new-ish customers owning an electric kiln. Still, all levels of firing experience are welcome.

Pre-registration is required to attend.

Spots for this workshop are limited and non-refundable - you may give your seat away if a scheduling conflict occurs.
If you have purchased a kiln from Stone Leaf in the last 2 years, this workshop is free to you. One kiln = one workshop seat. Otherwise, cost for this class is $75.

During this class, a variety of topics for firing electric kilns will be covered, including:

  • Multiple "what if" scenarios and "how do I" questions for basic firing techniques.
  • Problem-solving for the "oh no!!" moments that can happen, with how to solve those issues, as well as great online resources for kiln how-tos.
  • Setting up your kiln, firing schedules, using vents and cone packs, and we’ll answer your questions as we go along.
  • Got questions? Bring them with you!

An outline of the class will be provided to all participants - you are welcome to take notes!

This workshop will be taught by Ingrid and Bob King, two of Stone Leaf Pottery’s three owners.

COVID Precautions:

All Stone Leaf Staff are fully vaccinated. If you need special seating accommodations please email BEFORE signing up for class. Our instructors will be unmasked; masking is up to each individual participant.

This class will run for 4 hours without breaks.
Please bring snacks & beverages as needed.

Please come to class scent-free - no perfumes, cologne, or essential oils.

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