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If you are a Denver area resident, and need items fired, Stone Leaf Pottery offers firing services for a fee. Pricing is based on the weight of the items fired with a minimum charge of $7.80 per customer per transaction. Please plan on a two week turn around time for each firing. Firing services are first come, first fired with the exception of unusually large and/or thick items. (Larger and/or thicker items will take longer.)

The largest item we can fire is 23″ tall by 21″ wide. Items this large will take longer to be fired and will most likely cost more.

** Customers are not allowed to load their own items. **

Stone Leaf Pottery is a health conscious studio; we do not fire items that are glazed with products containing lead, barium, or non-encapsulated cadmium. All customers seeking firing services MUST know what clay and glazes were used on the items we are firing for you. If you are not certain if your glaze products meet our health standards, please bring the glaze container with you to Stone Leaf.

Drop Off & Pick Up:

  • You must call ahead to arrange a general time to drop off your items.
  • All items must be labeled with an easily readable ID on the bottom of the pot. 
  • We weigh your items when they arrive at our store; make sure they are completely dry before bringing them or you will be charged for water weight.
  • We will not store your packing materials; take them home with you when you drop your items off to be fired.
  • When you drop off your items to be fired, bisque or glaze, you must know the cone or temperature you need your items fired to. If you do not know the cone, bring the packaging from the clay or glaze.
  • When your items are dropped off to be fired, customers may or may not get an estimate of when things will be read to be picked up. Items are fired first come, first fired.

Bisque Pick Up:

  • Stone Leaf Pottery only fires items to bisque that are 100% dry; this helps reduce cracking. Your ready to be bisqued item will sit on a kiln to dry for at least one bisque cycle (24 hours) prior to firing.
  • We will bisque fire to about 1950°F. It takes 12 hours to heat the kiln to this temperature and about 24 hours for the kiln to cool off = kiln time alone is 36 hours. From the day the item is dropped off, expect at least 7 days before you can pick up your items.

Preparing Your Items for Glaze Firing:

  • We do not fire leaded glazes.
  • We suggest that all Cone 5 glazed items you leave ¼ inch margin at the bottom of your pot to prevent glazing problems… i.e. your glaze melting all over the kiln and kiln furniture.
  • Items glaze fired to Cone 06 can be stilted if they are not too heavy.
  • To prevent glaze from ruining kiln shelves, we fire each glazed item on a flat clay prop. This way, if any item is over glazed, it will stick itself to the clay prop. These clay props usually do not come off easily, so be wary of over glazing. If any of your pots do stick, you will have to remove the disc after you take your pots home AND you will be charged for the clay prop.
  • In the event your items are so over glazed they ruin any kiln furniture – including clay props, stilts, or kiln shelves, you will be responsible for this cost.

Glaze Pick Up:

  • It takes about 55 hours to glaze fire, including cooling time & unloading the kiln load.
  • We fire earthenware (cone 04/06) items less often. It is likely those items will take longer to be fired; please plan accordingly.
  • From the day your item is dropped off, expect 7 to 10 days before it is ready to be picked up.
  • Plan to pick up your items within 30 days of dropping them off at Stone Leaf.


Bisque Firing to Cone 04: 34 cents per ounce, 35 cents per item
Glaze Firing to Cone 06: 50 cents per ounce, 55 cents per item
Glaze Firing to Cone 5: 75 cents per ounce, 55 cents per item

In addition to the per piece price, a 15 cent per bisque or 34 cent per glaze firing handling fee is charged per item.

Stilting fees start at 35 cents per stilt used. Firing services are not refundable.

$10.00 Fee for not making an appointment prior prior to dropping off pieces to fire

*Prices updated 10/23*

Want to fire something? Please call us at 303-463-8081
Firing Services are by appointment only.
OR Email at to make an appointment.