We love the staff at Stone Leaf! We are proud to say each and EVERY one of our employees loves to work in clay. Each person on our staff – in the store, teaching, or volunteering – offers a unique ceramic background. These unique experiences bring more educationto each and every pottery clay, glaze, tool, toy and kiln firing we offer in our Denver area store and teaching studio.

Sophia King

Some of Sophia’s earliest and best memories involve clay. From walking down the studio basement steps to the pottery studio to hanging out with Mom while she trimmed pots in her studio, Sophia’s life circles back to clay every time.
A self professed clay-brat, Sophia first started to throw in middle school and remembers helping to fire kilns from an even earlier age. Working in clay when she has time, Sophia enjoys handbuilding functional pieces and has recently started to explore clay jewelry. She’s very happy to report her basement is turning into a home studio!
Sophia is the co-owner and General Manager of Stone Leaf Pottery. She is responsible creating and maintaining the website, writing and sending the monthly newsletter, and generating most social media content.

Kylle Been

kylle been staff photo stone leaf pottery

Kylle Been remembers her first clay piece. In the Colorado preschool she attended children made knee pots. Just a small pinch pot using their knees for molds. She thought she loved clay then. Now she teaches, coordinates students/class availability, in our teaching studio, pugs, and works in the store at Stone Leaf Pottery and has been here for over nine years. She knows she loves clay now. Kylle says she can feel it in her bones on the days she can’t get her hands into clay. She has a passion for functional work with throwing her preferred style of making pots.

“It gives me great joy to teach people how to create colorful pottery they can use everyday. I find myself day dreaming about working at the wheel. I love to image what the pots I have made will look like after they come of the kiln. Its always a surprise, and I’m still excited every time.”

Mark Fishgrab
mark_trim_smallMark, our awesome Warehouse Manager started out his adult life in the U.S. Air Force in a communications technology field; so he had an entire career in technology before finding clay as an art medium. He started taking classes here in August, 2008; then he worked a couple of years as a studio assistant, and serendipity led to us hiring him as our delivery driver about the time he was looking for something new to do. Today, he is working on a BFA with ceramics concentration, loves throwing functional ware, and wishes he had more time in the studio!

SarahSarah Margolin

Sarah graduated from Alfred University in 2014 with her BFA in Ceramics. After completing a residency in Worcester, MA she moved to Colorado. Sarah loves the Colorado landscape and most of her work is inspired by nature. Sarah primarily hand builds sculptures. However, since working here in our store she’s been inspired to hand build some functional ware! When not working with clay or spending time with her two cats and dog, Sarah loves to go hiking and dining out every chance she gets. 


Taylor Myers


Taylor has been a life long lover of all things arts and crafts since she was a wee tot! She decided to pursue her passion for ceramics in college and graduated from CSU with a BFA in 2014. After graduation she started volunteering at SLP and has since moved into working full time in the store! Armed with her favorite tools, the Dirty Girl “Foot Fetish Rib” and the Mudtool “Lil’ Red” rib, Taylor spends most of her free time “arting” in the studio. You can usually find her on the wheel, making silk screens in the back office, or polka dotting her pots. On the rare occasion she is not in the studio, Taylor likes visiting craft breweries, reminiscing about David Bowie, and sharing photos of her cats Mulder and Kali to anyone who will indulge her. 

Steve Meyers

steve staff picture at stone leaf potteryIn 2014 Steven Meyers graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Pottery and Sculpture. Now, he is one of our Thursday evening instructors. When not working, Steve can be found checking out local concert venues, tasting new restaurants  or taking long walks on the beach with his pet hedgehog, Zissou. With access to the studio, Steve hopes to continue working with plaster molds to create ceramic sculptures and functional pottery.