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Elan Transfers

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One custom silkscreened underglaze rice paper transfer sheet for use on greenware or bisque pottery. These extra large sheets come with a usable area of 19" long x 13" wide compared to the more common 8.5" X 6.5" sheet, making them excellent for larger plates and cutting into strips to wrap all the way around a few mugs. They can can be fired to any temperature and work well in gas, wood, or electric firings. I typically fire to cone 6 with a zinc free clear glaze on top. I have also fired them to cone 11 in a reduction kiln with great success. For specific design and color please see photo and listing title. These decals are designed and made exclusively for Elan Pottery.

Level of ease to apply - Easy

Here are the names and how many you will get (please note all letters are backwards so they will transfer properly to your clay surface)

  • Asparagus X2 
  • Arugula X2
  • Aloe Vera X2
  • Broccoli X2
  • Brussel Sprouts X2
  • Bee Balm X2
  • Borage X2
  • Basil X2
  • Beans X2
  • Black Beans X2
  • Lima Beans X2
  • String Beans X2
  • Beets X2
  • Bok Choy X2
  • Carrots X2
  • Cucumbers X2 
  • Cauliflower X2
  • Chamomile X2
  • Cabbage X2
  • Celery X2
  • Calendula X2
  • Catnip X2
  • Chicory X2
  • Chives X2
  • Cilantro X2 
  • Oregano X2
  • Dill X2
  • Endive X2
  • Fennel X2
  • Geraniums X2
  • Garlic X2
  • Jalapenos X2 
  • Kale X2 
  • Lavender X2 
  • Lemon Balm X2
  • Lemon Verbena X2
  • Lemon Grass X2
  • Lettuce X2
  • Mint X2
  • Mustard X2
  • Marijuana X2
  • Nasturtium X2
  • Onion X2
  • Peppermint X2
  • Patchouli X4
  • Potatoes X4
  • Peas X4 
  • Pumpkins X4
  • Parsley X4
  • Peppers X4 
  • Rosemary X4
  • Radishes X4 
  • Sage X4 
  • Strawberries X4 
  • Squash X4 
  • Salvia X4
  • Sorrel X4 
  • Spinach X4
  • Sweet Peas X4
  • Tomatoes X4 
  • Tarragon X4
  • Thyme X4
  • Yarrow X4 
  • Zucchini X4
  • Watermelon X8 

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Elan Transfers