Winter Snow Policy

‘Tis the season of snow, and here’s the down low on what we do when it’s snowy and icy outside.

Winter inevitably means snow and eventually snow is going to mean a big storm or two, bad driving conditions, maybe a delayed start, or even a snow day. Stone Leaf Pottery tries to stay on top of all the snow conditions in the Denver area, but let’s face it: every single neighborhood in this town experiences different weather!

Since Stone Leaf is located smack in the middle of Jefferson County, we follow Jeffco School’s weather plan. That means if Jeffco Schools have a snow day, or late start, we are going to do the same.

We’ll do our best to update Facebook, Twitter, and our voice mail as quickly as we can.

When snow arrives in the middle of the day or on the weekends we’ll make decision about evening pottery classes by 4 pm, Wednesday afternoon pottery class by 11 am, and Sunday morning pottery class by 8 am.

As for deliveries: We need delivery walk ways clear of snow and ice for the safety of our delivery staff. If you are getting clay on a snowy day, please make sure the area is clear. And if it’s snowy, cold, sleety or icy on the road we’ll have to reschedule. Driving conditions can be tough during inclement weather, and 2000x worse with a ton of clay in the pick up truck.

We LOVE clay at Stone Leaf! It’s the best stuff on the planet but it’s not worth our employees health and safety or yours to be open when the weather is miserable. We’ll do our best to accommodate shopping hours because of the snow, etc.

Besides. There is *nothing* better than being warm and cozy in the studio, with the glow of the kiln on a cold & snowy day. Snow day = clay play day!