Winter Freeze Warning

I can’t believe it’s the early-ish part of October and we are already set to have a day in the 30s. Seems a bit early but the turn to colder weather reminded me I should provide everyone with a Winter Freeze Warning and Return policy.

If you aren’t aware, clay and glaze can be susceptible to changes when frozen. The water in clay can cause the clay to separate – like sheets of wet paper towels. Glaze that has been frozen may not mix correctly. It is, for this reason, we do not accept exchanges changes for clay and glaze during winter/freezing months. We understand that this is a bummer to all of us but we want to make sure any returned products are sold in excellent condition to all our customers.

Also to note, during winter months, Stone Leaf will call a SNOW DAY on days when the Denver metro area school districts call for Snow Days. We *try* to wait to call the Snow Day until several districts call for it – but with customers and employees coming from Castle Rock to Fort Collins we want to make sure everyone arrives safely at Stone Leaf Pottery.

Have a safe and wonderful winter season – we’ll see you for those Holiday Sales in November and December.

the Stone Leaf Staff