Winter 2015 Workshops

We’ve planned and plotted. We’ve made examples, written notes and print outs. We are excited to bring you Stone Leaf Pottery’s 2014 Winter Workshop Schedule. Mind you, we’ve got things scheduled into May . . . no, winter isn’t going to last that long (phew) but we want to share with you all the awesome stuff *now* so you can get it onto your calendars.

Goblin Class on Saturday, January 17 from 10 to 3, $47.50

Goblin pots – Learn the basics of putting a face on your pieces. Participants will learn how to make faces, judge proportions and give your piece expression! This class will be taught by Peri Charlifu, who is a Denver area potter and on staff at Stone Leaf.

Play with Amaco Artists Choice & Opalescent Earthenware Lowfire Glazes on Sunday, January 25 from 1 to 3, $15

A_O_medium_550Amaco’s lowfire Artist & Opalescent Glazes offer depth and texture in a lowfire (Cone 04-06) application, particularly when layered. In this 2 hour class, potters will be able to try the best colors in both the Artists Choice and Opalescent Glaze lines from Amaco to create assorted effects. Both smooth and textured tiles (2 each – one red, one white clays) will be provided. Each participant will get the remainders of one pint of glaze to take home, as well as a coupon for a future purchase. Participants are welcome to bring additional pieces to be glazed during the workshop.  Please bring at least 2 bisque pieces of a low fire or clay body to glaze, not larger than a Kleenex cube. Don’t forget to bring your brushes!

There Be Dragons! on Saturday, February 21 from 9:30 to 12:30, $21

If you are looking for a fun, whimsical sculpture to teach or make in your studio, consider hanging out with Ingrid for “There be Dragons.” Deceptively easy, these dragons will focus on handbuilding techniques using a textured clay body. Some basic handbuilding skills are required.

Simple Baskets & Easy Stencil Plates on Saturday, February 22, One class $15, both classes $25

Baskets from 1-3 and Stencils from 3:30 – 5leaf_drape_plate

In Simple Baskets, a basket pattern will be cut out of Slab Mat material (link here!). Using a slab of clay and simple attachments, a quick and easy basket will be made.

Using a stencil and a template go hand in hand. These two classes, taught one right after the other on Sunday afternoon, offer you the opportunity to make a very similar item over and over again. The use of a stencil or a good template seems to be overlooked in the handbuilding process, and we’re here to revive it! Using a paper stencil flowers, apples, leaves and many more decorated motifs can be underglazed onto plates using a sponging method.

Both classes will feature your choice of earthenware or Cone 5 clays, please specify when you sign up for class.

Sunfaces on Saturday, March 14 from 9 to 1, $35

Every garden should have a sunface, and mid-March is the perfect time to get going on a new face to hang on your fence. In this 4 hour class, Ingrid will demo and walk you through building a beautiful face to over look your flowers and veggies. Ingrid will also provide tips on how to fire faces and build a structure easy to hang. Class will end at 1 pm but Stone Leaf is open until 4 and students are welcome to stay longer and continue to work. Participants have a choice of earthenware (indoor use only), Cone 5 or Cone 10 clays, please specify when you sign up for class.

Play with Mayco Cone 5 Glazes and Washes on Sunday, March 22 from 1 to 3 $15

Mayco has this gorgeous line of Cone 5 Stoneware glazes… oh, they are beautiful. These glazes offer variation in color and texture, from shiny to matte and we simply adore them. On their own they are spectacular, and with assorted washes layered on top or underneath the options are endless. In this 2 hour class, participants will be able to use the most popular colors in the stoneware line and the Mayco washes to layer with them. Each participant will go home with a remaining jar of Stoneware glaze and a coupon for a future purchase. Please bring at least 2 bisque pieces of a Cone 5 or hotter clay body to glaze, not larger than a Kleenex cube. Mayco bisque will also be available for purchase.

Kiln Talk on Saturday, March 11 from 9 to 12, $5

Bring coffee and let’s talk electric kilns. In this very informal gathering, Ingrid will answer questions about electric kiln firing, glaze schedules, kiln set up, programming and more. This Kiln Talk is participant driven and will be a question/answer session. Cost is $5 to sign up, and participants will receive a $10 coupon towards a kiln part purchase. Ingrid, one of Stone Leaf’s owners, has been firing electric kilns for over 40 years.

Exploring Cone 5 Majolica on Sunday, March 15 from 1 to 4 $30

There is loads of information on the market about low fire Majolica, but what about Majolica for Mid fire? In this workshop, students will learn how to stay in the Mid fire temperature range and still get brilliant and beautiful Majolica results.

Potters taking this class will be able to use 6 base coat products from Spectrum, Amaco, and Laguna with decorating products from Amaco, Duncan, Laguna, and Mayco. Included with the class will be a variety of Laguna and Rocky Mountain bisqued Cone 5 tiles to glaze. Additionally, Mayco stoneware bisque will be available for purchase. Don’t forget to bring your brushes!

Carved Tiles with Xiem Tools on Saturday, May 2 from 9:30-11:30, $15

Carved tiles are so fun hanging on the wall or fence in your home, and they make perfect easy gifts. During this carved tile class we’ll be carving 5″ x 5″ tiles using clay from Rocky Mountain Clay and featuring Xiem Carving Tools. If you’ve never tried carving tiles, want to experience a Rocky Mountain Clay, or the Xiem carving tools now is your perfect opportunity. Potters in this class will get two 5×5 tiles and one Xiem Carving Tool to take home.  Come early to pick the Xiem tool you want – we’ll have a limited supply of them to choose from.

Hanging Bats & Robots on the Run on Sunday, May 3, $15 for one OR $25 for both

robots_550Hanging Bats from 1 – 2:30 and Robots on the Run from 3 – 4:30

Spend some time creating Robots and Bats the afternoon of Sunday, May 3. These two classes, taught consecutively, offer more fun, easy handbuilt projects great for your classroom or teaching studio and are great for gift giving.

Participants will be using Laguna’s Los Altos Clay.

 Important Info:

Class registration is complete when payment is made. There are no refunds for any classes, but if you cannot attend, you are welcome to pass your seat along to a fellow potter. No classes include firing of items made during the workshop, but firing can be arranged for an additional fee. Participants must bring packing supplies to class to bring items home in; limited packing may be available. And last but not least: all participants must bring their favorite tools, brushes – just be sure to label them with your name.

To Sign Up:

email – info(at)stoneleafpottery(dot)com

Or call 303-463-8081

All classes are taught by Ingrid G. King, Owner and Studio Manager of Stone Leaf Pottery, unless otherwise noted. If you’ve got questions about the technique or agenda of the workshop, please contact Ingrid directly at: ingrid(at)stoneleafpottery(dot)com.