Win a Model C

So, I was in my post NCECA haze Monday was perusing Instagram and what did my wandering eyes find? An amazing opportunity from Amaco/brent to win a Model C.

Read on my friend, read on.



I was pretty excited for Amaco/brent and all my lovely pottery friends when I saw this. I mean, who DOESN’T want to win a Model C?

So I checked in with my darling Amaco account rep, Kevin and got the dirty.

  1. Have your picture taken using brent equipment, submit to AMACO Instagram.
    Tag it with #iambrent
  2. Photos will be judged on humor, originality.
  3. Deadline May 1st for submissions.

Justin Rothshank will review the photos and judge the winner. It’s that simple!

Good Luck Everyone!

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