Where Did my Favorite Mason Stain Go??

There is a phrase I hear repeated again and again in the studio, almost as a potters mantra, which is “always test it”. When it comes to colorants, I know that I personally have tested an innumerable amount of percentage and base combinations. For those of us who mix our own glazes, slips, engobes, etc., Mason stains can be a great way to get rich, saturated color with consistent results.

When your endless hours of testing, finally result in that perfect hue, its like hitting the jackpot; so finding out your favorite Mason stain color has been discontinued can be devastating.

Unfortunately, Mason Colors regularly discontinue making (blended) colors. On the flip side, Mason continuously offers new colors as the chemistry to create them becomes available.

It seems like we are always having customers call, desperate for substitutes or replacements for their favorite discontinued stains. As we don’t want to find any of you trolling the black market for colors, we did a little digging, and found an awesome resource to solve your long-lost-hue woes.

Click the either links here , and you will find a handy little chart from Mason Color or Axner for a list of discontinued Mason stains, and recipes for how to mix your favorite color from stains that are still accessible! I didn’t cross reference the lists to make sure no color was missing, so I thought I’d include both resources I’d found!

We hope this helps, and wish you happy potting!


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