We’ve got Email!

Here’s a little guide of who to contact at Stone Leaf for all your pottery needs!!

GENERAL EMAIL is info (at) stoneleafpottery (dot) com. This email address is available to all Stone Leaf employees, and should never be considered private. Not sure who to email? Send the email to info (at) stoneleafpottery (dot) com and it will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

STUDENT EMAIL should be sent to studionews (at) stoneleafpottery (dot) com. The wonderful Kylle manages this account and can offer answers to questions such as “How many lessons do I have left?” and “how much money is on my materials account?”

Ingrid is Stone Leaf’s founder, fearless leader, and Studio Manager. Reach her by email for questions about workshops, technical clay, glaze & firing questions, or who puts the blue streaks in her hair. Reach her at: Ingrid (at) stoneleafpottery (dot) com.

Sophia is Ingrid’s daughter, and the General Manger at Stone Leaf. Feel free to contact me for ANY Stone Leaf issue (I can always forward on the email.) I handle all advertising, social media, large supply orders, customer service issues, donation requests, and much more.  I can be reached at: Sophia (at) stoneleafpottery (dot) com.

Gita is Stone Leaf’s Store Manager. As such, she is a great resource for technical information, placing orders with, and inventory questions. She can be reached at: Gita (at) stoneleafpottery (dot) com.

Mark is Stone Leaf’s Warehouse Manager. Mark is responsible for scheduling your deliveries. If you have questions about shipping or delivery schedule, he is your guy. He can be reached at: Mark (at) stoneleafpottery (dot) com.

Sharon is Stone Leaf’s book keeper and takes care of ALL financial business, including accounts payable and receivable. If you have an invoice to pay or questions about your account, please contact Sharon at billing (at) stoneleafpottery (dot) com.

Kylle and Salim most often use the info (at) stoneleafpottery (dot) com email address, and can be reached there. Pretty much everybody who works at Stone Leaf has an  (at) SLP email, not sure how often they check those accounts those – so you may experience delays in your response.

Happy Emailing!