We’ll Miss You, Amber & Davis!

It’s Tuesday morning, and so strange to be at Stone Leaf without the cheerful and happy Davis the Dog and her momma, Amber. Amber is heading off to California for a summer internship and Davis will be at her G’ma’s in South Dakota. They have been such wonderful additions to the SLP crew. We know you’ll miss them like we did.

a Note from Amber:

I have truly enjoyed expanding my knowledge on ceramics and meeting the spectacular people that shop at Stone Leaf for the past year.

It is a warm feeling to say my Stone Leaf peers are going to be life long friends. I now have the opportunity to contribute to society and the environment by doing trail maintenance in Central California.

For the next six months I will be living in the mountain region, Lake Tahoe, working with American Conservation Experience. I will be working with a team to build and maintain the hiking trail system and perform invasive species control in the National Forest areas.

Our beloved Davis will be spending the summer in South Dakota with her Grandmother Katie. I plan on returning to Colorado after this adventure and hope to be able to see you all when I return!

Love and smiles for miles!



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