Welcome GR Pottery Forms!

I am excited to let you know that Stone Leaf Pottery is now carrying GR Pottery Forms! Like many of you, we saw them in Kansas City at NCECA, and our minds immediately came up with 57 projects we could use them for in our studio. Sophia grabbed a few to play with in her home studio…. and now we have a full shelf of them for YOU.

These single-part wooden drape molds are a lightweight alternative to plaster molds, that are also easy on your pocketbook. Offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, GR Pottery Forms are a great option for creating dinnerware sets with ease and consistency!

Personally, I know the difficulty that can come from trying to create a set of dishes that all look the same, and using these forms has really helped to eliminate a lot of the guess work for me. It is so simple to roll out a slab, drape it over my form, cut out the rim shape of my choosing, and leave it to set up to leather hard consistency!

The wooden forms wick moisture at about the same rate as plaster, but can be used again immediately, which cuts down on my overall time testing things out in the greenware stage. GR also offers a pretty slick “Footmaker” tool, which cuts an even strip or ring out of the slab scraps for a fast and simple way to add a little lift to the bottom of slab-made dishes.

When I am done with my forms, I always make sure that they are thoroughly dry, and to store them flat, or upright in a dish rack to avoid warping and extend their life. I have really enjoyed these forms as an addition to my studio, and am happy to provide you with easy access to them now in the Stone Leaf Pottery store! If you need any more convincing, GR Pottery Forms has a lot more helpful information on their website. We love that their site includes photos and videos of how to use these forms.

Happy making!