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One of the great things about working with clay is that there are 400 billion different ways to decorate/finish your pots. Totally cool but also overwhelming. Ingrid, Stone Leaf owner & founder is a huge fan of underglaze.

Underglazes are sieved colorants with suspension agents and brushing medium that can be used for decoration on bisque or greenware. Digital Fire is my favorite site for technical information; it’s astonishing to me the depth of information that can be found here – Tony Hansen, the man behind Digital Fire is amazing! Here’s the digital fire definition of underglaze – Tony knows so much more than I do.

Underglaze can be used on greenware, on bisque, or on top of glaze. When and where it’s used is dependent on how you want your finished piece to look. Underglaze on greenware is great for applying a pattern, and making it permanent via the bisque process. Underglaze on bisque is great for is a safe application when the piece needs to be protected from breaking during the underglaze application process. Underglaze on top of glaze is traditionally used for majolica pieces.

We always recommend you learn about and test your products. Ask us, your local distributor. Not all colors and brands apply the same, some may not look great on your clay of choice and others may looks so beautiful on another body.

Stone Leaf Pottery sells 3 underglaze lines:
Mayco Fundamentals Underglaze
Amaco Velvet Underglazes
and Coyote Cone 5 Underglazes

Of course there are tons of details to using every underglaze line; that’s why Stone Leaf offers a highly educated staff that all love working in clay to answer your questions.

If you love to watch videos on YouTube there are a TON of videos if you search Using Ceramics for Underglaze.

If you love pictures, and prefer to read an article here’s a good one: 6 Different Ways to Use Underglazes with Ceramics.

Stone Leaf is the most amazing ceramic supplier in Colorado! We’re here Tuesday through Saturday to help you with all your supply and pottery equipment needs. From underglazes to pottery wheels, we’ve got your ceramic studio needs.

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