The Queen of Gerstly Borate

As some of you may recall, in February, Ingrid, Bob, & I were in SoCal visiting Laguna (& I made a pilgrimage to Disneyland). When we were there, I snapped this picture of Laguna’s Creative Director, Julie Brooks standing in front of *many* pallets of bagged Gerstly, all ready for Laguna to ship to their distributors.

Julie Brooks in front of pallets of Gerstly
Julie Brooks in front of pallets of Gerstly
Well, I’ve been thinking about that Gerstly for a while now, not even able to IMAGINE how much Gerslty it was… so, so much.
Recently, I was on the phone with Laguna owner Jon Brooks and I asked him about it.  He let me know that at this moment in time, Laguna has approximately 1,000 TONS of Gerstly on hand. Yeah… that’s 2 million pounds!!
It’s one of the amazing things about Laguna – they look ahead, and buy in massive bulk, ensuring they have the products & supplies you need far into the future.
Need Gerslty? Please call Stone Leaf at 303-364-8081.

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