Teach This: Frivolous Frogs

We love creating fun and new projects to teach at Colorado Art Education Associations‘s annual conference. Here is our Frivolous Frog Handout.

frivolous_frog_drawingSupply List for Frivolous Frog 
# red or brown clay (25# yields 50 frogs)**
Small plastic bag
Damp sponge
Kemper K34, short blade or an old gift card
Wire Cutting tool
Pin tool, toothpick or other tip-tool
A Dull #2 pencil (mechanical pencils are not okay) Brushes Spectrum Glaze 1112, Gold
We recommend glazing your frogs with a metallic glaze, and we love the metallic lowfire glazes or midfire metallic glazes from Spectrum. 


  1. Cut 2” x 1 ½ “x 2” piece of clay (from a pug).  Set aside approximately ¼ of the clay for the eyes, crown, and feet in plastic.
  2. Roll the rest of the clay into a ball and then elongate a little. To make the tip of the nose, hold the clay in one hand with the index finger supporting the clay. Use your other index finger to push the clay slightly over the other finger (supporting the clay).
  3. Smooth the outside of the body with your finger. Dampen your finger on a wet sponge if the clay is too dry.
  4. Flatten bottom by tapping on table gently
  5. Use your finger to create a dip between where the eyes will go.
  6. Use pencil, edge of wood or other tool to indent for mouth.