Fall Workshops 2015

pile of leaves, bright colors

In addition to our weekly ongoing pottery classes, we offer a variety of workshops here in our teaching studio. Typically, our workshops are student and customer driven, so if you have something you’d like to learn about, speak up!

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Summer Workshops

Summer 2015 Workshops

Join Peri Charlifu, our Tuesday teacher for some great clay classes this summer. By demand, Peri – who earns his living from his production pottery – is teaching a class oriented towards marketing your pieces; it’s sure to be helpful for every potter looking to sell their wares. He’s also got a great class on lid making, and using underglazes. It’s sure to be a great summer with Peri in the studio.

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NEW PRODUCTS: 10 New Mayco Stoneware Glazes

Yay!! We’ve been in love with Mayco’s Stoneware Glaze line since we started painting those colors onto our pints! It was with great excitement that we read Mayco’s introducing 10 new colors.


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Summer Workshop: Floating Heads, June 14

We are kicking off our SUMMER 2014 WORKSHOP Series with Floating Heads: a unique wall planter class. In this hand building class, participants will be making a wall sculpture that will be a great vessel for a plant. If you are wanting to increase your sculpture and hand building skills, this will be a good class for you.

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