Summer Workshops

Summer 2015 Workshops

Join Peri Charlifu, our Tuesday teacher for some great clay classes this summer. By demand, Peri – who earns his living from his production pottery – is teaching a class oriented towards marketing your pieces; it’s sure to be helpful for every potter looking to sell their wares. He’s also got a great class on lid making, and using underglazes. It’s sure to be a great summer with Peri in the studio.

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Summer Workshop Series for Teachers

Summer Pottery Workshops for Teachers
Stone Leaf Pottery has a summer series designed for primary and secondary teachers. If you want to increase your teaching skill set, manage your studio classroom better, and sharpen your understanding of pottery processes, consider joining Ingrid King for one or more of these informative classes.

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Summer 2014 Workshops

Summer is a great time to take a clay workshop or two and this summer we have some totally awesome clay and glaze classes for everyone. Whether you are driving from Co Springs or Fort Collin’s – Stone Leaf is a great place to stock up on our quality products in our retail store and play in the clay at the same time. In fact, if you are heading to Stone Leaf for a workshop, be sure to call or email your supply order in before hand and we’ll get you loaded up while you are in class.

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