Workshops: Fall 2014

We love Fall here at Stone Leaf, and cool days are the perfect time to be inside playing with clay. When we sat down to brainstorm some class ideas, we decided to bring back a perenial favorite (Tar Paper Scultpure), build upon our “Play With” theme, and we even have a free event in the schedule.

If you are planning to attend a fall clay or glaze workshop in Stone Leaf’s clean and comfortable teaching studio, and you have a supply order to pick up, *please* let us know at least 48 hours in advance. All workshops are taught by Ingrid King, Stone Leaf’s studio manager OR a staff member of Stone Leaf Pottery.


Playing with Product: Laguna’s Tile & Sculpture Clay

Saturday, September 20 from 9 to Noon

Cost: $30 – each class participant will recieve a 25# block of clay. | Register by September 18

Ingrid tends to go overboard and fall in love quickly with products and clays she loves, and Laguna’s Tile & Sculpture clay is no exception. Laguna’s special clay body, WC 413 Tile & Sculpture has sent her overboard into the CLAY LOVE ZONE. This clay body is simply astonishing in the way that it wil perform. It’s strength and stability present in ways that astounded her. Ingrid says she can create pots with this clay in a fraction of the time it would take using the same hand buildng techniques with other clay bodies because of this clay’s structure. While exploring this body, Ingrid also came up with some simple and inexpensive to make tools for faceting that she will share in class.

The pots made during this class are chunky, a bit heavy, strong and unique in their sturdy look. Pots will need to thoroughly dry prior to firing. Laguna’s WC 413, Tile & Sculpture body is suggested for use at Cone 10 but Ingrid has been firing it at Cone 5.

Participants must bring a bat or box to bring item home in, along with their favorite clay tools for use during this class.


Play with Product: Making Cone Plaques

Sunday, September 28 from 2 to 3pm

Cost: $10 | Register by September 26

Even in these days of computerized kilns, using pyrometic cones to learn about what is happening in each layer of the kiln is a valuable tool. Firing a kiln means keeping track of lot many things and the best way to do that is to place a cone plaque in your kiln… Cone plaques will tell you about hot spots, and cool spots, indicate when your elements need to be changed, and much more.

Learning to make cone plaques is an art form – it’s so easy to place cones at the *wrong* angle and have them melt all over the place. In this short “Play with It” Class participants will each make 6 cone plaques to take home. Ingrid and Kylle will be teaching this refresher class, and discuss the best way to use cone plaques for success. Each participant will make 6 cone plaques during class and receive a coupon for their next cone purchase. Please come to class with a small box to take your cone plaques home in.


Play with Product:  Mayco Silk Screens

Saturday, October 18 from 10 to Noon

Cost: $20 | Register by October 16

Silk screens offer a fantastic way to achieve precise detail on your ceramic pieces. Come check out the fabulous new silk screens Mayco just released in this fun “Play with Product” Class, taught by Gita. Gita will help you experiment with six sheets of designs and learn how to create different effects with screens in conjunction with other Mayco products. Add new dimension to your work with these fun new products.

During the class, we will be using Mayco silk screens, brushing media, designer liner, and stroke and coat; all Mayco products. Two 4 x 4 low-fire tiles will be provided with the class; additional titles may be purchase or participants may bring their own bisque to silk screen onto. If you choose to bring your own bisque, low or mid fire is recommended, as are shapes with minimal curvature.

Peri Workshop Info


Electric Kiln Workshop

Saturday, October 25 from 10 to 4

Cost: $75 | Register by October 23

If your kiln scares or intimates you, or if you just need a refresher course on using your electric kiln, this workshop is for you. During this all day workshop, Ingrid will discuss how to purchase a new or used kiln, what to look for in a used kiln, how to calculate what size kiln you need, firing schedules and troubleshooting, and much, much more. This all day workshop is designed to teach you all the things that aren’t included in the manual. Ample time for questions & answers will be included. Pre-sales for the Electric Kiln BOOK will be taken during class.


Flying Saucers & Birdhouses

Saturday, November 8 from 10 to 4

Cost $60 | Register by November 6

While making Flying Saucers & Birdhouses from clay, Stone Leaf is proud to be premiering the movie Saucy Flier UFO PI, staring Stone Leaf Pottery’s student, Judy Hill. We’ll be watching the Director’s Cut of Saucy Flier, hopefully with Judy, as Ingrid teaches this fun class of hand building Saucers and Birdhouses, great to hang in a window or on a tree in your garden.

The Flying Saucer & Birdhouse will start with a morning demo and starting of the clay projects, before the movie is put on around noon. Participants will be provided clay for this workshop; please specify cone when calling to sign up for the class.

This promises to be a fun day, learning about bird houses and UFOs. Hand bulding and sculpture techniques will be taught during this fun & unusual class. Customes are encouraged but we will be working in clay, so plan accordingly. Door prizes will be given for best and most unusual costume!


Play with Product: Laguna Cone 5 Glazes

Sunday, November 16 from 1 to 4 pm

Cost $20 | Last day to register is November 14

During this Play with Product class, we’ll be focusing on some of our favorite Laguna Cone 5 Moroccan Sand Glazes. We’ve picked our favorite colors, choosing in this class to play with glazes and oxides that provide the most depth, movement, and textured when fired.

As a base, we’ll be using  Robin’s Egg (MS-18), Cream (MS-19), Snowflake (MS-26), Amethyst Matte (MS-43), Castile Blue (MS-47) from the Moroccan Sand line, as well as Layered Fern (WC-106) from the Mystic Glaze line, and Crystal Forest (WC-166) from the Crystal Blossom glazes. Additional products used will be Laguna’s Oxide Stains Nile Blue (MS-103), Oriental Rust (MS-104) and Mongo Green (MS-106). Participants are welcome to bring other favorite Laguna colors.

Over the years, Ingrid has tried seemingly endless combos of this over that, that next to this, this, then that and zillions of other combos. This Laguna Play with Product will discuss the what and why of how we’ve tried combos in the past, with some hints on how to find success when experimenting on your own.

Please bring your own bisque to class,. Limited Cone 5 bisque available for purchase. All participants will receive a coupon for a future purchase of Laguna’s Cone 5 glazes.


Hand Building with Tar Paper

Sunday, December 7 from 1 to 4:30

Cost $35 | Register by December 5

Using tar paper is an alternative to waiting until your slabs are dry/firm enough to stand them up and form your clay into tall shapes. If you are an impatient potter, this technique will offer a faster way to create tall forms in one day.

Ingrid has been using this method for to make pieces up to 2 feet tall for over 20 years, with great success. During the class, Ingrid will show several examples of pieces made with this technique. Focus of this class will be making a tall vase.

Class cost will include 25# of clay; when calling to register, please specify cone needed for the 25# of clay. Participants must bring favorite clay tools, and a box or bat to bring project home in.


Registration Information:

To sign up for a class, simply call Stone Leaf Pottery at 303-463-8081 or email us at

Participants are always welcome and encouraged to bring favorite clay tools, bats, brushes, etc to any class; we do suggest labeling the tools with  your name/initials.

Fees shown do not include firing services or storage for items made in any class; though firing may be arranged for an additional cost.