April 2016 News

It’s April, folks! That means that warmer, spring temps are upon us, and it is time to shed some layers and get back outside. For our April monthly specials, we want to help you move your pottery practice in to the great outdoors, with all things Raku on sale! Continue reading

August 2014 News

August Summer Sunflower

Welcome to August!

Every month at Stone Leaf we send out a newsletter with what’s going on at our studio. We know not everyone wants more emails, so we post the highlights of every month on our website for you to find.

If you’d like to sign up, simply type your email address inot the box on the left side of our website that says “sign up for our newsletter.” We promise we won’t flood you with lots of emails.


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May 2014 News

May Means Spring Pottery Sales!

Hello, and welcome to our online (abbreviated) version of our monthly newsletter. For a complete email newsletter, straight into your email box each and every month, simply type your email address into our “SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER” box on the right hand side of our home page. We promise to never sell your email address, AND never inundate you with tons of emails.

Clay of Month & Glaze of the Month: This month, our clay & glaze of the month go hand in hand as we are featuring Raku products this month.

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April News Redux

Springtime is here!
Welcome to Spring. We hope. I see green starting to peep out, little shoots in the garden. Love it. We are having the best time at Stone Leaf right now; we’ve got some fancy new tools, toys, we are playing with our glazes and it’s awesome!
Mom, Gita, and I just got back from Milwaukee. NCECA, was – as *always* – awesome this year. Thanks much to everyone at NCECA for all the hard work they do to make a conference of this size happen! To view pictures from our trip, visit Stone Leaf’s Facebook page for a photo album. If you are Facebook-less, you can click HERE to view the album.
For all of us at Stone Leaf,
Sophia, Ingrid, Bob, Blayne, Gita, Mark, Kylle, Sharon, Salim, Mae, Todd, and the doggies Riley & Aster

The Queen of Gerstly Borate

As some of you may recall, in February, Ingrid, Bob, & I were in SoCal visiting Laguna (& I made a pilgrimage to Disneyland). When we were there, I snapped this picture of Laguna’s Creative Director, Julie Brooks standing in front of *many* pallets of bagged Gerstly, all ready for Laguna to ship to their distributors.

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