Kiln Planters

kiln planter flowers

Pottery kilns eventually die. When we recently put our oldest kiln out to pasture, it was a sad day at Stone Leaf Pottery. As our pottery classes and supply sales increased, so did our kiln firings, and our Duncan brand kiln, purchased in 1982, finally had to be retired. We replaced with a brand new Skutt kiln, but we kept our old kiln as well.

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Product Specials: April 2015

Hello? Spring, are you here?

Welcome to April and what’s hopefully a great Spring in Denver!
I’ve been out and about traveling – visiting both Boston and Providence at the end of March, and spring hasn’t quiet shown up in the North East yet… hopefully soon! We’ll be busy here at Stone Leaf preparing for Spring; finishing Sunfaces from our March workshop and preparing our kiln planters. Yep, kiln planters. Intrigued? Check our blog for a post on how to make your own later this month.


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