September 2016 Product Specials

Hello Stone Leaf Pottery patrons, and welcome to September! Or should I say, SET-ember? This month, we are feeling extra inspired by some of our favorite products, so we’ve decided to bring in sets of them for our specials this month. We want to ensure that you have everything you need to get “set” up to use these products in your studio or classroom, and are looking forward to seeing all of the things that you make with them!

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Spring 2015 Pottery Sales

In the next month, there are many pottery shows to go see along the front range. From Colorado Springs to Fort Collins, it’s a great time to get out there and buy beautifully handmade pottery. We hope to see you at some of the shows!


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Workshop: Kiln Talk!

Kiln Talk!

Saturday, April 11 from 9 -12

Cost $5 | Registration closes April 10

Bring your coffee and let’s talk kilns, with Ingrid King, Stone Leaf Pottery’s Studio Manager. In this very informal gathering, Ingrid will answer questions about electric kiln firing, glaze schedules, kiln set up, programing and answer participant questions. If time allows, a tour of Stone Leaf’s firing area and refractory storage will be included.


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Gathering of the Guilds

The Colorado Arts & Crafts Society is holding an open call for participation in the “Gathering of the Guilds”. This event will be held at the Boettcher Mansion on Lookout Mountain in Golden on April 26th.


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We Sell Brent Equipment in Denver

Are you in the market for a Brent wheel, extruder, or slab roller? We are your local Denver Brent Equipment destination!

Stone Leaf Pottery has been selling Brent equipment for over a decade, and we have three Brent electric wheels and an additional four Brent Model J kick wheels in our teaching studio. Plus, we’ve got a great Brent extruder in studio for you to try, and our educated staff can tell you all about Brent slab rollers.

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