January Newsletter

Happy New Year to all of you wonderful people! I hope whatever your plans were, that everyone had a warm, safe evening surrounded by loving friends and family. I definitely could not bear to brave the cold and the crowds, deciding to have a quiet evening at home with friends which worked out perfectly.

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October 2017 News

Hello, October!

Rain is falling with the leaves, and the mountains are glowing with shades of red and orange. Fall has arrived. With fall comes furious pot-making as we begin the season of holiday sales and open houses. It’s also Halloween, a favorite holiday for so many of us! All restrictions and further sale info is at the bottom of the email – please read through so you know how to best take advantage of our sales.

Celebrate the holiday of orange and black with black clays on sale this month, thanks to Rick & the makers of clay at Aardvark Clay in Santa Ana, California.

Aardvark makes 2 lovely black clays – one for Cone 5 and one Cone 10. The Cone 5 clay, Cassius, is the best and closest to black clay we offer for Cone 5. At Cone 10, Aardvark offers Black Mountain. We’re stocked up on both right now, but shop early before we run out!!

Want to know more about these clays? Read more about it here.

Clay of the Month
Cassius $12.25 per bag
Black Mountain $8.25 per bag


One of the most impressive things to me about selling Mayco Stroke and Coats is the depth of coverage and range of colors.       Stroke and Coats are available in 2 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz squeezy bottles – perfect for every studio and budget.

Glaze of the Month
Mayco Stroke and Coats – 20%


I know you’ve been driving by pumpkin stands, and seen a variety of gourds outside the markets too. Time to grab and few and carve them up! Our artistic abilities are perfect for this activity – after all, carving pumpkins and carving clay are about the same thing! And the tools can be the same too – Kemper tools are perfect for making scary goblins out of pumpkins. Loop tools pull guts out of goards and mini ribbon tools provide fine detail for whiskers, eyes, and drips of blood! I strongly suggest you upgrade your studio tools this month, and take your studio tools into the kitchen for pumpkin carving!

Tools of the Month
All Kemper branded tools – 20% off


What would an October be – the season of BATS… without a bat sale? Every year, Mom (Ingrid) insists bats are on sale – and I agree with her. Bats for the battiest month of the year! Stone Leaf sells a variety of bats from plastic round ones to squares to plaster, to drop in sets… come check out the selection.

Tool #2 of the Month
All Bats on sale -10% off


Each month, our product specials come with a few restrictions and limitations. All sale items are valid only in October 2017 and are not combined with other discounts; further, sale items are for instock products only – no rain checks are issued. We also do not “hold” any items for customers that are on sale until they can come pick them up – first come, first served.

Clay of the Month is limited to 100# of clay per person (per type of clay on sale.) When the clay is gone, it’s gone and unfortunately, we cannot manifest more clay here overnight. We do encourage you to shop early in the month, when inventory is highest for the best selection and opportunity to get the items you want.

Glaze of the Month is limited to colors & sizes in stock. We’ve got a HUGE order coming in October to restock, so you may find increased selection mid-month, so shop often!!

Tool & Toy of the Month, like everything is limited to items in stock.

And, as always, all sale prices are not combined with other discounts. We do stock up before having items on sale, but we do sell out of items – sometimes quickly.


Stone Leaf Pottery is located in Arvada, Colorado – just minutes from downtown Denver. We are a pottery and clay supplier, offering all the kilns, wheels, clay, glaze, tools, and raw materials you need to run a thriving pottery studio. We’ll see you here soon!