Summer Workshop: Floating Heads, June 14

We are kicking off our SUMMER 2014 WORKSHOP Series with Floating Heads: a unique wall planter class. In this hand building class, participants will be making a wall sculpture that will be a great vessel for a plant. If you are wanting to increase your sculpture and hand building skills, this will be a good class for you.


Floating Heads, June 14 from 9 to 3

Floating Heads? What? Perhaps it’s a confusing title for a clay workshop. Ingrid saw a floating head planter at some point, and it’s been rolling around in her head; the perfect idea for a summer workshop. We are starting our summer clay workshop series this summer with this class on June 14. (More information at the bottom of this post.) We figure if we do it first thing in the summer, you’ll have time to get it finished up and enjoy it in your garden this summer!!

During this 6 hour workshop, class participants will be making a wall sculpture that can be used as a vessel for a plant. If you aren’t about a head as a wall planter, we think it would be a good vessel for mail, kitchen utensils or even just to hang out on your wall. Admit it – the head with leaves for hair is appealing, right? (We are thinking of using air-plants ourselves.)

Participants will be sculpting a face out of clay; so if you want to work on both your hand building skills and facial sculpture skills, this is going to be a great place to do it! Discussion and strategy on how to wall mount this piece will also be covered.

Participants must bfloating headring their own bat or box or board/storage container of choice to this workshop, as well as rolling cloths (no canvas) and favorite hand building tools.

Stone Leaf Pottery will be providing a textured clay for this class; when you register please specify temperature needed.

To Sign Up: Give us a call at 303 463 8081. Payment is required to hold your spot in this class. Cost for Floating Heads is $60.

You’ve never taken a class at Stone Leaf Pottery? Now is the time! We have a full teaching studio with classes 5 times per week; our studio is clean, spacious, and a great place to explore new ideas in clay.