Summer 2014 Workshops

Summer is a great time to take a clay workshop or two and this summer we have some totally awesome clay and glaze classes for everyone. Whether you are driving from Co Springs or Fort Collin’s – Stone Leaf is a great place to stock up on our quality products in our retail store and play in the clay at the same time. In fact, if you are heading to Stone Leaf for a workshop, be sure to call or email your supply order in before hand and we’ll get you loaded up while you are in class.

This summer, we’ve got some new ideas in workshop offerings for you. Ingrid will be teaching a garden planter workshop, a series of classes to help build your skills as an instructor, we’ll be exploring adding metal to our clay work, AND (my favorite) experimenting with some new products on the market.


How to Teach

Being a great potter is one thing; knowing how to teach is another. Combining both is yet another skill. Stone Leaf’s studio manager, Ingrid King, who has been teaching over 35 years, successfully does both. This series of workshops will focus on one major skill per session. Each topic is taught independently, not building on skills from the previous classes.

Classes are taught on Tuesday Mornings from 8 am to 11 am. Each class is $30 or $125 for all of them if signed up at one time. If you are a current teacher check with your school district for the opportunity to earn continuing education units for these classes.

How To Teach Throwing – Tuesday, June 10

How To Understand Your Kiln/Kiln Basics – Tuesday, June 17

How to Teach/Hand Building Basics- Tuesday, June 24

How to Teach/5 Easy Clay Projects – Tuesday, July 8

How to Teach/Glaze Basics – Tuesday, July 15


Floating Heads: a unique wall planter class

Saturday, June 14 from 9 to 3

Cost: $60

In this hand building class participants will be making a wall sculpture that will be a great vessel for a plant, mail, conversation starter, or perhaps your kitchen utensils. Fo the best success during this class, we suggest participants have a basic hand building skill set.

Participants will be sculpting a face in this class, transforming it into a hollow pot, perfect for a plant. Discussion and strategy on how to wall mount this piece will be discussed in class. This is a wonderful workshop to build facial sculpture skills as well as increase your hand building knowledge.

If you are coming to class, you MUST bring your own bat or board, rolling cloths (no canvas) and your favorite hand building tools.

We’ll be providing a textured clay for this class. When registering, please specify what cone you need your clay to fire to.


Play with PCs – Layering & Experimenting with Amaco’s Potter’s Choice Glazes

Saturday, July 19 from 9 to 11 am

Cost: $20

Like us, you’ve probably seen the FABULOUS ads in the trade magazines featuring Amaco Cone 5/6 Potter’s Choice Glazes. They are awesome glazes, and we love them. However… the ads sometimes feature 3 or 4 or 6 colors, layered in a amazing ways. It’s hard to know where to start, and which glazes you may want to purchase to play with first.

We’ve solved the problem!

Join us for this super cool opportunity to SAMPLE and play with Amaco Potter’s Choice glazes. Limited to only 16 participants, we’ll be playing with the top PC glazes during this two our class.

Participants MUST bring bisqued pots or tiles – up to 6 and no larger than 4 x 4″ – to this class to play on. A limited number of sample pots & tiles may be available for purchase.

Each attendee will go home with the remains of one pint of PC Glaze and a coupon for a future PC glaze purchase.

The Play with PCs is the first of several in the Try & Buy Classes we’ll be offering at Stone Leaf. A few others upcoming will be: Mayco Stoneware Glazes with Oxides & Stains, Coyote Texas 2 Steps, Spectrum Ash Glazes, and Ceralines.


Metal & Mud

Saturday, August 9 from 9 to Noon

Cost: $39

If you mind has wandered to considering the possibility of incorporating metal into your clay, spend a few hours with Ingrid in this workshop, Metal & Mud.

The addition of metal to clay work adds visual impact, can alter the structure and can serve both functional an aesthetic purpose. In this course, students will see a variety of examples on how metal creates a unique addition.

Several years ago, Ingrid started to play with added many types of metal to her clay to achieve different effects.d Save yourself some time, make leaps of creative bounds, and discover what works and doesn’t work. Ingrid will be discussing adding metal to change clay objects, incorporating & exposing metal as aprt of a structure, plant hangers, kiln furniture/custom stilts and jewelry.

Workshop participants will come away with information about how to use metal as a part of pottery making, as well as general dos and don’ts, tips for first time etal firings, and have some hands on experience making smaller items.