Stone Leaf Pottery is Sweet 16!

How *sweet* it is!
Memorial Day Weekend Celebrated Stone Leaf Pottery’s 16th Birthday! And we are celebrating all month of June.



When Stone Leaf opened 16 years ago, we were just one mile south of where we are located now, off of 48th Avenue. In 16 years, we have been in 3 commercial locations and have grown to our ginormous current space.
To CELEBRATE this month, our June Glaze Special is 16% off any 16 oz Glaze pint! That’s all Amaco Teacher’s Pallette, Amaco As & Os, or Duncan Envision Glazes, Mayco Foundations, all Coyote Glaze, Laguna Moroccan Sand and Versa5, Mayco Stonewares, Amaco Potter’s Choice, Amaco Satin Mattes, and Spectrum 900s and 1100s.*

* It’s true, I may have unintentionally forgotten a glaze line; if you aren’t sure, please ask. 16% discount applies only to in stock GLAZES and does not combine with any other discounts.

When Stone Leaf opened at our first location, we were already deeply in love with Laguna’s WC 422 Whitestone Clay. It’s been going strong for us for 20+ years!! Stock up this month, with our June Clay of the Month Special: Laguna’s Whitestone Clay. Only $8.

Since her clay-romance started over 40 years ago, Ingrid has always had a short blade in her tool bucket, and her favorite of all time is Kemper’s K34, short blade. Ingrid says she bought her first Kemper K34 blade at Minnesota Clay, in Minneapolis, in 1972! Cut some clay this month with our June Tool of the Month, on sale for 32% off! That means this little blade will only set you back $1.90!

We want to celebrate our birthday with YOU! Thanks to all our loyal customers, schools, colleges and universities, friends, family, teachers, staff, and manufacturers for supporting us all these years. We couldn’t be here with out you.

Ingrid, Bob, and Sophia would especially like to thank: Blayne, Brita & Olov, Doris & Mr Bob, Gene, Jon & Julie, Romo, Marie & Wyndi, Bob, Josh, & Les, Gita, Mark, Lori, Kylle, Steve, Mae, Taylor, Sharon, Art, Larry, Salim, Nancy, Janice, Kelly, Peggy, Rick, Will, Terry, Damon, Rich, Peter, Cindy & Dave, Mrs B & Anne, Rich, Link, Matt, Sue, Syndee & Dan, Aimee, Bryan, & Declan, Colleen, Pauline, & Keith, Jeff, Kevin, & Tammy, Michael & Frank, Jim & Mike and everyone else we might have forgotten to list here. The clay biz is a huge family and so many of you have provided amazing support, advice, laughter, and we thank you.

And back to the sale…
Restrictions Do Apply. Glaze sale items are liquid pints of in stock 16 oz only; does not include wax, underglazes, and other liquids also sold in 16 oz containers. No limit on how many pints you can buy, but they must be in stock at time of purchase. Limit on Clay is 100# per person, and 6 of the K34 per person.

We look forward to a bright & busy future filled with lots of great clay to sell and items to make, classes to teach, and glaze to fire. Our next 16 years will be AMAZING serving the Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, and surrounding clay markets.

xo, Sophia!