Spring 2014 Workshops

We have some great workshops coming up this Spring for you, all taught by our fearless leader & Stone Leaf’s Studio Manager, Ingrid King. We have classes using new products like Ceralines, and play in the clay classes like Monster Making & Elaborate Press Molding, and lots more.



Saturday February 15, $35 for one session/$60 for both

Earthenware 9:30 to Noon OR Midfire/Stoneware 1 to 3:30 pm


Come check out this fun & fantastic glaze product. Ceralines are an exciting and unusual glaze product providing a blend of wax with  colorant that can be used in a variety of ways for unique decoration.


For each class, bring 1 – 2 bisque fired pieces per class, coated with a majolica base glaze and any of your favorite brushes. Majolica base should be applied at least 24 hours prior to class.


For lowfire bisque, Stone Leaf is having a sale right now – come check out our sale if you don’t have time to make your own. For Midfire/Stoneware you may want to experiment with an unglazed exterior for the afternoon session.


If you have to stop at Stone Leaf prior to the workshop for your majolica base, we’d strongly suggest:

For Lowfire/Earthenware base: Mayco Foundation White FN 001.
For Midfire/Stoneware base: Spectrum 1019, Majolica Base OR Laguna MS 301, White Versa OR Amaco HF 11, White.




Saturday, February 22, $60 includes clay used during workshop

10 to 3:30 pm, with lunch break


Elaborate press-molding is a great alternative to carving, and can produce stunning patterns from abstract to realistic & detailed. Join Ingrid for one of her favorite pottery activities and learn how she makes these stunning pieces. If you’ve tried press-molding before, and want to ramp it up, this is  great way to add to your skill set & impress your family & friends. Prior press-molding  experience required. Participants must bring their own mold.



Saturday, March 29, $60 includes prepared tile

10 to 3:30 pm, with lunch break

If you are interested in sculpture and tiles, this is a great class to learn more. Join Ingrid in creating beautiful tiles with depth and texture. Bring to class your favorite carving tools, a box or bat to bring your tile home in, and a photo or pattern about 8×5” to use for the tile.


This workshop ends at 3:30 pm, and students will have 30 minutes after class ends to finish up. ** Class participants will receive 20% off any Kemper, Xiem, or Dolan carving tools the day of the class.** Last day to register for this class is Saturday, March 12.


brushstrokes-2014smBRUSH STROKE TECHNIQUES

Sunday, March 30, $15 includes underglaze used during workshop

1:30 to 4 pm


If you are wanting to improve your brushstroke technique and don’t know where to start, this a great opportunity to do so. Get helpful tips and more information about what brushes are out there and what can be done with them, specifically when using underglaze.  Last day to register for this is Saturday, March 29.


Bring your favorite brushes to class.

**Workshop participants will receive 15% off a brush purchase the day of class. **



Sunday, April 6,  $30

1:30 to 3:30pm


The need to make a monster can overcome you at any time of the year! In this fun workshop, learn the basics of making small creatures and monsters. If you teach the 13 & under set, this workshop will be full of easy projects to take back to your classroom or studio. Last day to register April 5.




Saturday, April 12,  $30

10 to about 1 pm


If you don’t want to set up a laboratory but commercially prepared glazes just aren’t quite meeting your needs, learn about other options in manipulating your commercial glazes for different results. Ingrid will show & share results from different approaches she uses to coax out special results. Last day to register is April 5.



Sunday, May 4, $45 includes about 12# of clay during workshop

1:30 to 3:30 pm


If you love the flowing form of drape molded pieces but want your own specific shape or size, this is the class for you. This class will focus on learning how to design and make the mold you want, in the shape & size you need. Participants must bring a lightweight rolling cloth (not canvas) and a board to take project home on. (Board does not need to larger than 12×12”.)



Saturday, May 10th, $45 includes clay & underglaze during workshop

10 am to 12:30 pm


Creating stencils can be a great way to create a consistent design on your pieces quickly without using a masking agent such as wax resist. Yet another great glaze skill to learn. Students will be provided with clay slabs to use during this class, but are welcome to bring up to 3 pieces from suede to leather hard to bone dry to work on during this class. Last day to register is May 7.



  • Register for 3 classes together & receive 10% off Workshop Fees.
  • Descriptions shown here are abbreviated due to space issues. For more information, read on Stone Leaf’s website.
  • To register for any or ALL of the workshops, please call Stone Leaf Pottery at 303-463-8081 or email Ingrid (at) stoneleafpottery (dot) com.
  • Payment is your guaranteed seat in the workshop; if you cannot attend, you are free to give you seat to a friend. NO refunds are issued unless we cancel the class.
  • Fees for workshops provide instruction only, and other supplies (such as clay) when specifically listed. Most classes require participants to bring some supplies, such as bisque ware, read carefully.
  • Participants are *always* encouraged to bring their favorite tools & toys to class. Don’t forget to bring a box and wrapping to take your projects home in.
  • Workshop attendance does not include firing or storage space for projects. Firing  may be arranged for an additional fee.



All workshops will be taught by Ingrid King, Stone Leaf Pottery’s Studio Manager. Ingrid has been a clay & glaze enthusiast for over 43 years. She has lots of great info to share for each of these classes.

If you have any questions about these classes or would like to suggest an upcoming class, please contact her at ingrid@stoneleafpottery.com