Snow Policy

It’s already January, and we’ve had only a little of snow… and I thought it would be good to remind everyone of our Snow Policy. I hope it doesn’t mean we’ll have days of snow dumping later this winter. But, in case that does happen, I want to remind all our lovely customers about Stone Leaf Pottery’s Snow Policy.

Customers and employees come from all over the metro area as well as Colorado’s mountain communities to shop at Stone Leaf, and we love seeing your faces. However, the safety of our staff and customers is our Number 1 priority. SO. Before the snow really starts to fly, I thought I’d remind everyone of our Snow Policy.

Stone Leaf will have Snow Days as the weather dictates. Stone Leaf will determine it’s Snow Days based on weather reports and school closures.

We – mainly Ingrid & Sophia – will call a snow day by 8 am anytime it’s necessary. We’ll update information for our customers with our voicemail, on our Facebook page, and via Instagram. Please check in with us before heading over to Stone Leaf when the weather is super wintery.

On snowy mornings that we are open, please keeping that in mind that traffic may be slow, and while we STRIVE to open at 9am, we may get stuck in traffic or be outside shoveling when you call.

Stay safe out there!