Snow Days

As I write this, it’s the beginning of November and we still haven’t had snow! What’s up, Mother Nature? I heard on the news that the average snow fall for October is 4 inches… I wonder if this means lots of snow is in our future? Here at Stone Leaf, keeping our staff and customers safe on snowy days are a top priority, and we will have snow days as the weather dictates. Before it starts to snow seems like a good time to remind y’all of our Snow Policy.

Stone Leaf Pottery is located smack in the middle of Jefferson County (Jeffco), Colorado. And as such, we figure the route of least confusion is to follow Jefferson County Schools snow plans. Jeffco always scrolls info on the bottom of television stations & alerts the radio stations etc. We do what they do.

Keeping that in mind, please note that on cold and snowy mornings, traffic may be slow, and while we STRIVE to open at 9am, we may get stuck in traffic or be outside shoveling when you call.

Just a couple other bits regarding snow:

  • We’ll update our phone message (303-463-8081) & Facebook page as soon as possible
  • If classes need to be cancelled for snow, decisions will be made:

– by 4pm on Tuesdays & Wednesdays
– by noon on Wednesdays
– by 9am on Sundays

Stay safe out there!


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