Small Business Saturday 2014

This Saturday, November 29 is Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday encourages all of you to shop smart, shop local, and, from us at Stone Leaf Pottery, we add buy handmade when possible.

Shopping local is something we are passionate about at Stone Leaf Pottery.


Sure, the allure of buying late at night or in your pajamas is great, so we always welcome emails 24 hours a day and customers who come in wearing pajamas! Or call us, 24 hours a day. It’s okay if you leave a message at 3 am, we’ll call you back as soon as we open in the morning!

As a brick and mortar store, we are here to help you. Our educated and experienced staff can trouble shoot glaze or clay problems, help you choose the best wheel or kiln for your studio, or show you how to use that funky tool.  Stone Leaf Pottery started as a teaching studio, and as we’ve grown through the years, we hire staff passionate about clay. We use what we sell. Can’t make that glaze work? Let us help you. Unsure about what clay to buy? Our experienced staff has tried them ALL. We are real people to call on the phone or email when you need help, advice, or just to vent.

The King Family, owners of Stone Leaf, are celebrating 20 years in Colorado this holiday season. It’s the best place we’ve ever lived and we aren’t going anywhere. Shopping with us ensures your money stays in Colorado, keeps our doors open, salaries paid, and the lights on.

This year, we’re celebrating Small Business Saturday

with a 25% off Glaze Sale.

To better understand shopping local, check out this beautiful graphic from Huff Post. And *huge* thanks to photographer Steve Snodgrass via flickr for the “SHOP” photo.