SlabMat’s Going to NCECA

If you haven’t yet heard, in late 2015, the Stone Leaf Pottery brand grew to include SlabMat.

We know that many of our customers rely on SlabMat for it’s unique properties and reliability in their studios and classrooms; we are now proud to say that our SLP crew will be the main resource for any and all things related to SlabMat products.

For those of you who do not have experience with SlabMat, it is a totally smooth, reusable surface designed as an alternative to canvas for slab rolling applications. SlabMat can be used in conjunction with a slab roller or a rolling pin, or even as a lightweight, portable surface for wedging or a small work surface.

The mats are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are easily customizable in order to accommodate any clay-work environment. Stone Leaf Pottery decided to buy SlabMat for one simple reason – we love it!

We have used SlabMat in our teaching studio for years, and know that it works just great the way it is. Therefore, not much will be changing throughout this transition as we wish to preserve the integrity of a product that we, and our customers, already love. The main changes to come include a brand new website with the full range of SlabMat products available for online order, as well as the launch of our new “Class Pack”; a 12 piece set of 9”x9” mats specifically designed with classrooms in mind.

SlabMat will be making its first debut as part of the Stone Leaf Pottery family at this year’s NCECA conference in Kansas City, MO. This year’s event marks the 50th anniversary of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, and we are excited to be apart of it, both as a vendor and as attendees. 

Each year, the NCECA conference provides a wealth of information and access to great ceramic art in it’s organization of lectures, demonstrations, gallery shows, and vendor hall offerings. If you are also planning to attend this year’s conference, stop by the SlabMat booth (that’s booth #516) to see Mark, Mae and Sophia, and to receive a discount coupon for your next SlabMat purchase!