Skutt School Spring 2013

Just got back from a busy fun filled couple of days in Portland, hanging out with the crew from Skutt Kilns. At Stone Leaf, we love to go visit our manufacturers; it provides us so much more information to share with our customers when selling pottery kilns and supplies. For years, we’d heard rumblings of this fun thing called Skutt School in Portland, and this year, Dad & I  headed to Portland to hang out with the people from Skutt.

Skutt School is awesome!!! There were about 12 of us in attendance from suppliers all over the US.

Divided into different topics of kiln sales, marketing, website , and troubleshooting each department and team from Skutt spent some time with the group of us educating us on how to be the best Skutt distributors possible. This year, in addition to all the *regular* Skutt-ers, David Gamble took the time to hang out with us as well. His many years of kiln firing, and recent kiln repairs offered great insights; plus, you know, he’s fun to hang with.

We got a tour of Skutt’s website – the Skutt site is chock full of information; a tour was in order.

We learned all about the new Skutt KilnLink – Jim’s new baby, KilnLink is amazing technology whereby your kiln can talk to the internet, and creates a sophisticated record of your kilns firings. It also can send you text messages and other alerts.

We got a factory tour – this is the first time I’d ever seen kilns in full on production mode – pretty amazing to see them all being made. Skutt makes your order as it arrives. I loved the tour Jim Skutt gave – showing us how our ‘simple’ purchase order moves through the stages of production; lids & bases being built, brick being stacked, shaped, banded with metal, rolling through the production area, elements being threaded into the kiln, tested, the kiln being boxed & foamed & turning into YOUR kiln.

In addition to the time at Skutt, I was able to get out and explore the city. Powell’s Bookstore, VooDoo Doughnut, Mulnomah Falls, the Doc Marten store… Portland is an amazing city.

Everyone at Skutt worked hard to take the time out of their schedules to teach us more about Skutt Kilns – how they are made, the technology behind them, why they are such a great brand. Thanks to each & every one of the Skutt Staff – but for me, biggest shout outs to Jim & Mike. And Laura at the front desk… who is beyond awesome!!


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