Single Cones

pottery cones kiln

Single Cones. The perfect purchase for when you are running a test load or firing to a temperature you don’t normally fire to.
We’re happy to help you out at Stone Leaf Pottery with purchasing single cones.
Do you ever think to yourself that you wish you didn’t have to buy an entire box of cones?

Maybe you fire so infrequently to a particular temperature it doesn’t make sense to have a whole box collecting dust. Or maybe your friend begged you to do a firing in your kiln and you had to take pity on them even though you will never fire to ^018 again.

Orton Pyrometric Cones are the perfect way to check kiln temperature on each kiln shelf, in each load in more than one location. Cones provide valuable load information.

Well Stone Leaf Pottery has a solution for you! By popular demand, we are now selling select temperatures individually.

The following temperatures are available in Large, Self Supporting, Junior, and Bars:

018, 06, 05, 04, 03, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, & 11

Large Cones- 50 cents each
Self Supporting- 70 cents each
Junior- 40 cents
Bar- 50 cents each

You can stop by and pick some up the next time you are at Stone Leaf. Single cones are located behind our front register; please ask for them!

At Stone Leaf we have everything you need – from cones to pints of glaze, our Denver area store is stocked with all the ceramic pottery making supplies for every studio.