September 2017 News

Happy September, Everyone!

Labor Day arrives in just 24 short hours, and signals the end of summer. Around Stone Leaf, we’ll also be celebrating Ingrid & Bob’s wedding anniversary and Sophia’s birthday. School is back in session and clay is flying out the door and into classrooms all over the Rocky Mountain Region.

The Staff at Stone Leaf Pottery is taking a bit of time to enjoy the holiday too.

Well be open only 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday, September 2.

Per our regular hours, we’ll be closed Sunday & Monday.


We’ve had a lot of customers ask us about our move, and when it’s happening. Here’s a little update: the City of Arvada has just issued our building permit. We’ve also discovered some important piping in the mainline (sewer) needs to be replaced… and things are moving forward. We’re hoping to see activity onsite in September, with project completion around the end of the year. Our new location is 6611 W. 58th Place, and is directly on the east side of the building we currently occupy.


We’re so sad to announce that Taylor has left Stone Leaf to pursue a post-bacc program at LSU in Baton Rouge, LA. You can read more here.

Clay of the Month: Aardvark Dixon Sculpture Clay

Sometimes, it’s nice to give another clay a whirl… see what’s going on with other brands, make something new. We’ve had some requests for Dixon Sculpture from Aardvark, and we thought we’d offer an opportunity to try it out. If you are looking for a sculpture body for Cone 5, I’d strongly suggest you give this a try. Here’s what Aardvark has to say about this body:

Fired Shrinkage is 8% and Water Absorption is 5% when fired to cone 5. The coarsest – the finest. This is the ultimate sculpture body for cone five. Rich rust–brown in oxidation.

25# Dixon for $9.50 this month

Glaze of the Month: Coyote Pints

Made in Albuquerque by a father and son duo, Martin and Alex, Coyote Glazes offer unique textures, colors, and effects. My favorite part of Coyote Glazes is that they encourage customers to experiment and layer their glazes on top of one another. The best way to find these combinations is:

  1. Visit Coyote’s site
  2. Do a Google Image Search. (I searched for Coyote Glaze Layering.)
  3. Visit Pinterest. (I searched Coyote Glazes.)

Enjoy Coyote Pints 20% off this month

Tool of the Month: Pony Rollers

Use a pony roller to quickly and easily roll clay slabs or smooth a piece in process. This hardwood roller offers a chrome plated steel frame, 8-1/4″ overall length with 4-1/2″ x 1-1/4″ and 2-1/2″ x 1-1/4″ hardwood rollers. It’s easy to use and maneuverable, and the super smooth wood will not leave impressions on your clay.

$8 this month; regularly $10

Toy of the Month: MKM Stamps & Rollers

Stamping your pieces along the rim, on the handle, or the bottom (along with so many other ways to stamp) add unique touches to your pieces… and MKM Stamps are the company to get your stamps from! MKM makes a variety of stamps from big to small to stamps that roll or are pressed, MKM offers a variety of textures, icons, and seasonal stamps. Check out Stone Leaf’s rotating selection of stamps.

MKM Stamps & Rollers 15% Off

The Rules….

As always, our product specials come with a few restrictions. All product specials are valid only in September 2017, September 1 through 30. Products on sale are instock items only, and rain checks

Clay of the Month is limited to 100# per person. When the clay is gone, it’s gone. We can order more for sure, however we encourage you to come try some Aardvark Dixon Cone 5 Red Scuplture Clay this month.

Glaze of the Month is limited to pints in stock. We’ve got a HUGE order coming at the end of August to stock the shelves for this sale, but we do encourage you to come early in the month to shop this sale!

Tool & Toy of the Month, like everything is limited to items in stock.

And, as always, all sale prices are not combined with other discounts. We do stock up before having items on sale, but we do sell out of items – sometimes quickly.