September 2016 Product Specials

Hello Stone Leaf Pottery patrons, and welcome to September! Or should I say, SET-ember? This month, we are feeling extra inspired by some of our favorite products, so we’ve decided to bring in sets of them for our specials this month. We want to ensure that you have everything you need to get “set” up to use these products in your studio or classroom, and are looking forward to seeing all of the things that you make with them!

Clay: Rocky Mountain Clay’s Cone 04/06 Smooth CT3 and Red Rock Red
While these may not fit with the set theme, they are trusty stand by clay bodies. These two smooth operators are favorites in the classroom and home studio alike. Take up to 100 lbs of one, or each, back to your studio for ready to use, reliable results. Each clay is being featured this month for $8.75 per bag, limit 4 bags.

Glaze: Amaco Teacher’s Pallet Sets
While we don’t normally stock sets of these, we have had an overwhelming amount of requests for them. If you are one of the customers who has inquired about this set, know that this special was chosen with you in mind! We have ordered in a very limited supply, so get them while they’re hot for 15% off. Perhaps if they are popular enough, we will continue to keep them in stock! Limit 1 set per person, per purchase.

Tools: Xiem Box Sets and Ci Products Shrink Ruler
Xiem Tools are some of the most reliable tools in our opinion, and the offer a great selection of tool sets to suite any clay project’s needs. Most Xiem tools are made from a single part, which makes for a consistent result and allows for a lot of wear an tear without replacing. We look forward to sending you home with a new Xiem tool set of your choice (limit 5) for 20% off this month!

On a different note, we know that creating sets of pottery can be a great challenge. No matter how good your eye is, or repetitive your process, creating a consistent form multiple times for a set can be quite the feat. That’s why we are offering one of your very favorite tools at 10% off this month – the Shrink Ruler from Ci Products. The Shrink Ruler has 4 sizes, pre-expanded for common clay shrinkage rates, which will allow you to create a more consistent size each time you throw.

Toy: GR Pottery Form Sets
The GR Pottery Forms have been such a hit since we brought them into the store this past May! This month, we wanted to run a special on all of the great sets that GR makes so that you don’t have to be selective about which sizes and shapes to try in your studio. The GR Pottery Form sets come with everything you need to get started and be set up for success when using them! Take up to 3 sets home with you for 20% off this month!

As always, the monthly special items do come with some restrictions. Monthly discounted pricing is limited by quantity to 100 lbs of each clay body, 1 Amaco Teacher’s Pallet glaze set, 5 Xiem Tool Sets, 5 Ci Shrink Rulers, and 3 GR Pottery Form sets. We are never paid by the manufacturers to discount or advertise these products – we promote them because we USE them. We hope that this month you can take home some great products to liven up your studio practice!

Stone Leaf loves being your favorite Denver pottery supply store. From clay to L&L kilns and Mayco’s Stroke & Coats we’ve got everything and more for your pottery studio!

Happy Potting
~Mae & Sophia