September 2014 News

It’s September!

When I was a kid, the start of September was always filled with mixed emotions. Labor Day is the last harrah of summer; it’s my parent’s wedding anniversary AND my birthday. The weekend was filled with family, laughter, and celebration but always ended with the dreaded back to school.

We hope your back to school is starting with joy & enthusiasm, as hot summer days transition to cooler fall nights. To add excitement to your back to school, we’ve got a whole lotta new products on our shelves and in the warehouse for you to try.

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Clay of the Month: Laguna’s Los Altos

Laguna’s WC 872, Los Altos Blend clay is one of our favorite colored Laguna Clay bodies. We think it’s fabulous fired to it’s maturity at Cone 10 and it works beautifully at Cone 5. In fact, it’s our go-to body for us when we want a rich, toasty golden colored body. It throws beautifully and makes you feel like a rock star! Laguna’s Cone 10 Los Altos Blend is on sale for $6.50 per bag in September 2014. Limit 4 bags per person.


Glaze of the Month: Laguna’s Cone 10 Purple Surprise

We love the Purple Surprise for it’s variation of color; the purple glaze is rich in cobalt creating blooms of floating pink in the right firing conditions. This glaze comes DRY only; so we do suggest you purchase enough glaze to dip or pour. Save 10% off any Purple Surprise purchase in September 2014. Stone Leaf keeps this glaze on our shelf in 5, 10, 25, and 50# sacks. We’ll take orders or this glaze if you want a larger amount we don’t have in stock… not through 9/31/14.


Electric Kiln Workshop on Saturday, October 25 from 10 -4, $75

If your kiln freaks you out, and/or if you feel like you aren’t sure what your kiln is doing or why, if you have a love/fear relationship with your kiln OR if you panic at the prospect of firing it… or a zillion other reasons, please join us on Saturday, October 25 for our Electric Kiln Workshop. The Workshop will run from 10-4, we’ll take a lunch break, and calm all your fears!

Seriously though, firing a kiln can be scary and while manuals can be helpful, they can’t tell you everything. This workshop is designed to teach you all kinds of things not written in your manual and answer questions for you. Topics include loading and unloading your kiln, maintenance, as well as a question and answer session.

Ingrid King, Studio Manager and Co-Owner at Stone Leaf has been firing kilns for over 40 years in home studios, galleries, and schools.


Classroom Visits

We love coming into your classroom and giving a demo with/for you. If you are interested, we’ll be there! This is FREE of charge, and we’ll even bring a (small) supply order with us. To schedule a visit, please contact ingrid(at)stoneleafpottery(dot)com.