We Sell Brent Equipment in Denver

Are you in the market for a Brent wheel, extruder, or slab roller? We are your local Denver Brent Equipment destination!

Stone Leaf Pottery has been selling Brent equipment for over a decade, and we have three Brent electric wheels and an additional four Brent Model J kick wheels in our teaching studio. Plus, we’ve got a great Brent extruder in studio for you to try, and our educated staff can tell you all about Brent slab rollers.

mae_throwing_brentAs potters, we proudly admit Ingrid (Stone Leaf’s founder) purchased her first Brent kick wheel – a Model J – in 1982, and there has been no other kick wheel in her life since. In our teaching studio, we find students love to throw on an electric wheel, and trim on a kick wheel. The comfortable design of a Model J, with it’s large apron and heavy wheel is a prefect wheel for trimming. Through the years, we’ve purchased four of them and never plan to get rid of any of them!

Every couple of years, Amaco Brent throws open their doors and teaches a distributor bootcamp, including wheel repair. We have enjoyed attending and learning more about the technology of Brent wheels and the people who make and repair them. Brent proudly makes their wheels in Amaco Brent’s Indiana facility, and sources as many USA parts as possible. With a comprehensive 10 year warranty on most models, Brent produces high quality, sturdy wheels great for a variety of studio situations. Click here to read more about the wheel warranty.

If you are interested in the purchase of ANY Brent equipment, we’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you with your new purchase for your Colorado area studio. We have a “try before you buy” policy with most wheels and equipment; let us know and we’ll set you up with a time to throw on a wheel if you’d like.

Stone Leaf Pottery is simply the best place in the Denver area for pottery equipment and studio supplies – from clay to glaze to Brent equipment, we are here to help you make the best decisions for your studio. See you soon!