Raw Material Orders

Yep, we sell Raw Materials.

Stone Leaf has a long, long aisle of commonly needed raw materials pre-weighed & ready for you to take home. This aisle includes calcium, frits, iron oxides, epk, zirocopax and more. Most of these raw materials are packaged & pre-weighed in weights ranging from 1# to 25#.

Need the spendy stuff like cobalt? Ask at the front desk. Again, these items are pre-packaged & pre-weighed.

Need bigger amounts? Ask at the front desk. We keep the heavy stuff in the back & we’ll load those 50# and 100# bags into your car with your clay order.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind:

If you have a large order of pre-weighed items you need OR YOU DON’T WANT 1#, 5#, 10#, 25# OR 50# weights, you need to pre-place an order.

It’s no problem to weigh 3# of something, but we need a bit of time to do that. Please provide at least 48 BUSINESS HOURS advance notice on custom weigh outs.

If we don’t have the weights pre-weighed that you want, we do suggest you consider purchasing a bit more. Often times the difference between a 5# and 10# bag is small.


5# of something costs more per pound than 10# of the same item, etc. Prices are based on each individual raw material and the volume packaged in that ONE bag.